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Carval Rock in the British Virgin Islands

Carval_Rock_1 Carval Rock in the British Virgin Islands
Located at latitude 18° 22' 23.66" N and longitude 64° 29' 21.43" W, Carval Rock lies east of Cooper Island and southwest of Ginger Island.

Given the right sea and weather conditions, Carval Rock is a very nice, out of the way dive site for advanced divers.

You'll find gobs of sea life here, including nurse and (the occasional) reef sharks, large spotted eagle rays, groupers, queen angels, puffers, box fish, eels, trunkfish, triggerfish, peacock flounders, file fish lobsters, sea turtles, and loads of smaller reef fish and schooling fish swimming around the underwater boulders. There's also a wonderful array of colourful sponges, corals (including fire coral) sea fans, elkhorn coral, etc.

The dive site is only viable on relatively calm days as the area is very prone to swells, making for unpleasant diving conditions.

Not to be confused with Carvel Rock, located at Cistern Point, Cooper Island or The Carvel off the south western tip of Norman Island.

Carval_Rock Carval Rock

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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