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Ginger Island in the British Virgin Islands

Ginger_Island Ginger Island in the BVI
A privately owned, 258 acre, uninhabited island located at latitude 18° 39' 34" N and longitude 64° 47' 78" W.

This island boasts some of the best dive sites in the British Virgin Islands. Alice in Wonderland is a spectacular dive located at South Bay. A second site, also in South Bay is the Ginger Steps. On the north shore, you'll find Alice's Back Door, an excellent site for beginner and intermediate divers.

On the east coast of Ginger, you'll find the Sound and Wedgeo Bay. I have frequently seen yachts anchored in this area but have been too much of a coward to go and explore it myself.

There are reefs and very shallow water all around the area! As I am usually alone on my little tours, I don't like to put myself in compromising positions that may require assistance. One of these days, I am going to grab a friend and get myself in there.

Wedgeo_Bay_Ginger_Island Wedgeo Bay, Ginger Island
Ginger_Island_2 Ginger Island from the Water

I've never been further inland than a few hundred feet as the scrub brush was just too prickly for bare arms and legs.

Ginger_Island_1 Ginger Island

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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