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Copyright notice

All intellectual property including text, hand drawn yacht layouts, hand drawn maps and photographs appearing on this website (unless otherwise noted and properly credited on the specific page), were written, drawn or photographed by and for Bareboats BVI, for our exclusive use.

The content of this website has taken many years to develop, involving a great deal of time, effort and out of pocket expenses. These expenses may include but are not limited to:

Airplane hire, pilot's fees and fuel costs.

Boat rentals and fuel costs.

Ferry tickets.

Car rentals and fuel costs.

Taxi fees.

Research, writing, webmaster and tech fees.

Temporary staffing costs.

The cost of several Nikon cameras and lenses which don't last very long when doing this kind of outdoor photography in a salt water environment.

All content is copyrighted and may not be used on the internet or elsewhere without prior written consent. Due to an upsurge in indiscriminate theft from our website, Bareboats BVI has had to take the stance that we will take action against any and all offenders, even if only one of our photographs, maps, yacht layouts or a single block of text has been used without permission.

Action taken against offenders may involve DMCA take down notices and we may seek damages through litigation.

Maximum damages allowed by law, as well as any local or foreign legal fees, necessary travel fees, and out of pocket expenses will be sought should we be forced to take legal action.

Hot linking will not be tolerated. Please note that what you "think" you are linking to likely will not be what your users will actually see. I strongly suggest you don't go there.

I have reached the point of exasperation and am more than tired and disgusted by internet thieves. We do not, have not, and never will steal from you. It is not OK to steal from us!

Special note to all online and print media, magazines or periodicals:

The above policy applies to all media houses. It does not matter nor does it excuse you if you took one of our photos or text from someone else's website. The material is still our property! Just because you may have "borrowed" the material from someone other than Bareboats BVI, does not make it OK.

Please "find" your info or images elsewhere. We do not allow our photos, maps, yacht layouts or text to be used online anywhere by anyone without prior written consent; nor do we offer these items for sale or offer a royalty programme.

Not for profit organizations are welcome to inquire about our terms and conditions. In all cases, if permission is granted to use our materials online, the copyright must be acknowledged immediately above or below the image or text.

Liane Le Tendre
Marketing Manager - Bareboats BVI