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Benures Bay - Norman Island

This little slice of paradise is one of my favourite anchorages in the British Virgin Islands. I find it to be an almost magical place. You won't find any mooring buoys here, but anchoring is relatively easy if you have sufficient anchor chain and rode ... and you'll find good holding in the sand bottom almost anywhere in the bay. Mind the coral outcroppings though. There's no beach per se, just a rocky shoreline.

NI_Benures_Bay_Norman_Island Benures Bay - Norman Island
NI_Benures_Bay View of Benures Bay

The best spot to anchor (during the day) is tucked up behind the headland on the northeast side of the bay, close in to shore "IF" the wind conditions are just right. If not, you will find yourself being back-winded. So if the wind isn't playing ball, just about anywhere in Benures Bay is a good spot to stop for a few hours. However, it is a deep bay, with a very steep drop off from shore, so be sure you have sufficient anchor rode and chain to achieve at least 5:1 scope ... but 7:1 is preferred. Overnight stays are fine, provided you know what you are doing. This is not a good anchorage for newbies just learning the ropes. Be sure to check the weather and wind forecasts. Wind direction in the bay can be very changeable overnight.

As with Soldier Bay, during the winter months ... or any time the wind is out of the north or due east, it can get dicey here, so pick your days wisely. You'll see wonderful sunsets, depending upon where you are in the bay, be sure to have your camera handy.

There's a great hiking trail that starts at the southeast end of Benures Bay, goes over to Money Bay and then carries on to Pirates Bight Restaurant. If you hang a right after the helicopter pad (which will be on your right), that will take you down the hill to the restaurant. Keep staying right on that road until you come out to the restaurant. If you take the road that goes off to the left part way down the hill, you will end up at their warehouse and another dock located west of the beach.

I love to snorkel here. The water is so clear, you can see a quarter on the bottom. There are lots of turtles around and lots of tarpon chasing bait fish too. In fact, I think this is one of the better places for snorkeling in the entire BVI.

You'll also find a rather large resident barracuda around this area, so be aware of him and don't wear any shiny jewelry in the water. Barracudas like shiny things. You don't want to attract any undue attention. They are naturally inquisitive creatures and tend to follow swimmers and divers in the water. I know it can be unnerving when a big fish follows you ... but he won't bother you if you don't bother him.

Last updated: Sep 8th 2016
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