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Soldier Bay on Norman Island in the BVI

NI_Norman_Island_Soldier_Bay Soldier Bay on Norman Island in the BVI
Located directly behind Kelly's Cove and just around the corner from Water Point, you'll find Soldier Bay. The bay faces north east, so be prepared to be greeted by the early morning sun. There are 5 mooring balls available here and that's about as much traffic as the bay can comfortably handle.

Soldier Bay is a great overnight anchorage provided the weather cooperates. During the winter months, it can be a bit dodgy if the wind is out of the north, but during the summer months, it is more often than not a wonderfully serene spot.

There's good snorkeling here with various hard and soft corals (including healthy Elkhorn coral), a couple of small underwater caves, lots of seabirds and the odd turtle will surface from time to time. Please mind the coral should you decide to drop an anchor if all the moorings are taken and you are able to find an available sandy patch.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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