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Beware of Masked Beggars!

Trellis Bay, Beef Island

If you are heading to the airport and find you have time on your hands ... I can't think of a better place to visit than Trellis Bay, BVI!

This quirky little enclave (within walking distance of the airport) consists of D' Best Cup coffee shop, De Loose Mongoose Restaurant, Trellis Bay Market, Boardsailing BVI and Internet Cafe as well as a tiny group of artists including Aragorn's Studio.

Trellis Bay Market is very handy for bareboat charter guests to restock grocery provisions, buy ice, film or just hang out and chat with their friendly staff.

Flukes Maps and Art Shop spacer Trellis Bay Market - Provisioning
Flukes Maps & Art Shop
Trellis Bay Market - Provisioning
Hertz Car Rentals & North Sound Express Ferry spacer D' Best Cup Cafe & Gift Shop
Hertz & North Sound Express
D' Best Cup Cafe & Gift Shop

While anchored in Trellis Bay, BVI ... rent a car from Hertz and take a tour of Tortola. Views from Ridge Road are spectacular and you'll get a very different perspective of Tortola than from your yacht!

D' Best Cup coffee shop offers some of our finest coffees & espresso available in the Islands. You may buy fresh ground coffee beans or just sit and enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee on their outdoor patio. You might also want to try a tostada or a good, old fashioned hot dog with a yummy milk shake!

Adventures BVI spacer Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe
Adventures BVI
Trellis Bay Cyber Cafe

Adventures in the BVI on Beef Island is owned and operated by Jeremy Wright. Jeremy teaches windsurfing (and promises success) to all comers. He also rents windsurfing equipment, surf boards, kayaks, kiteboarding equipment and SUP's. Stop by for breakfast lunch or dinner for some casual Caribbean style dining!

Aragorn's Dock spacer Carib Canoe "Gli Gli" under repair
Dockside at Aragorn's Studio
Carib Canoe "Gli Gli" under repair

Aragorn Dick-Reid is a remarkably diverse & talented artist who passionately pursues his interests as they evolve. Aragorn thinks outside the box ... even by the standards of most multitalented artists who tackle several mediums!

Aragorn's Studio Entrance spacer Aragorn's Arts & Crafts Center
Aragorn's Studio - Beef Island
Aragorn's Arts & Crafts Center
spacer Aragorn's Craft Store
Beef Island Craft Shop

Aragorn's Studio itself is just one example of this man's artistic flair. His shop is exquisitely decorated, in keeping with the products for sale. Tree stumps and branches are integral to his display, highlighting various natural products such as hand woven baskets, lamp shades, calabash hand bags and many other intriguing and artful items.

Aragorn is passionately devoted to the Carib Indian culture and their history. He has made it his life's work to keep both alive through various art forms.

Perhaps Aragorn's most engaging works are his copper & metal sculptures which are absolutely fabulous and available for sale at the studio. He will also design and make special pieces by commission.

At Aragorn's Arts & Crafts Center on Beef Island, local artists are invited to come and use the facilities he has supplied to throw pots, carve, weave, paint, learn or teach others!

The 35' Carib Canoe, "Gli Gli" is just one of the many projects Aragorn conceived and brought to life! Be sure to stop at Aragorn's Studio in Trellis Bay, Beef Island ... perhaps you'll catch the artist at work!

De Loose Mongoose Restaurant and Beef Island Guest House are located at the southern end of the beach. Dinghy up to their dock for a hearty breakfast, relax in a hammock, take a walk along the beach to Sprat Point, or play a little water volleyball!

De Loose Mongoose Restaurant spacer The Last Resort - Bellamy Cay
De Loose Mongoose Restaurant
The Last Resort, Bellamy Cay, BVI

Centered in Trellis Bay, British Virgin Islands ... lies tiny Bellamy Cay, upon which sits "The Last Resort" owned by Tony Snell. I've enjoyed a few evenings at The Last Resort offering dinner with an amusing show.

Trellis Bay Beach, Beef Island, BVI
Trellis Bay Beach - Beef Island

Whatever your plans, be mindful that you may become sidetracked! Even if you hadn't planned to, its easy to spend a whole day!

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