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The Island Last Resort - Bellamy Cay

BC_The_Island_Last_Resort The Island Last Resort - Bellamy Cay
For 40 years, the names Tony and Jackie Snell were synonymous with "The Last Resort" restaurant and cabaret located on tiny Bellamy Cay in Trellis Bay.

Until just a few years ago, Tony and Jackie's daughter, Jessica and her husband Ben kept the tradition going. They ran the restaurant after Jackie passed and Tony retired and always provided a wonderful place to relax, eat drink and be merry!

A new family briefly took up residence on the island and ran the restaurant for a year or so, but did not enjoy the same success. They called it quits during the summer of 2014. But here's the good news ... Jessica and Ben are back, and they have a new managing partner!

She's a lovely young lady named Shakti Segura shown below with boyfriend Brian Duff. Together they have brought The Last Resort back to life and have added a bit to the name to indicate its rebirth. Good times are sure to follow once again. :)

The improvements made are absolutely marvelous and I think all bareboaters familiar with the original restaurant will be more than impressed. They haven't lost or damaged the flavour of the island, they have enhanced it ... greatly! I believe Tony and Jackie would be thrilled to see what has been accomplished in such a short period of time!

BC_Last_Resort_Shakti_Segura_And_Brian_Duff The Island Last Resort, Shakti Segura And Brian Duff
BC_Island_Last_Resort_Front_Yard The Island Last Resort, Front Yard

Above is a view of the front yard overlooking Scrub Island and Great Camanoe. The new bar (below) is located here and Shakti has several friends toiling hard in order to provide even more enhancements which include a lovely rock garden featuring local plants and there are plans for a new waterside deck at some point in the future. It's all very exciting and I can see The Island Last Resort quickly becoming "the" place to be when visiting Trellis Bay.

BC_Island_Last_Resort_Bartender The Island Last Resort, Bartender
BC_Island_Last_Resort_Restaurant The Island Last Resort, Restaurant

The restaurant remains more or less unchanged, except there is now a door and window leading out to the front yard, the bar and the gift shop has been expanded and moved to the other side of the restaurant and of course it has received a fresh coat of paint and some fun decorations.

BC_Island_Last_Resort_Lounge The Island Last Resort, Lounge
For the time being, the menu is somewhat limited but there are plans in the near future to expand. Look for lots of exciting things to happen here over the next year or so as they find their niche.

They offer dinner specials every night and the three favourite dishes from the standard menu (so far) seem to be the pumpkin chili soup, the pan seared filet of beef and their stuffed chicken breast.

Shakti is quick to point out that they are specializing in fabulous lobster creations ... different from the standard BBQ or steamed lobster dishes served elsewhere. She also is very proud of their rum wines which they sell at the store.

Naturally, entertainment is a tradition that will be continued. Thursday night features Al the singing chef and Friday night is DJ night with $2.00 Red Stripe beer and mini drink specials being offered. I wish them all the best and look forward to visiting when all the hard work has been completed.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday - Closed Monday
Phone (284) 394-0100 for reservations or visit them on Facebook or their website.