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Soper's Hole - Tortola

To_Steel_Point_1 Steel Point, Tortola
I live about 7 minutes away from Soper's Hole and although I may be a tad biased, I think it is a marvelous place. This is an excellent overnight anchorage with several restaurants in the immediate area where you can often enjoy breathtaking sunsets.

Due to the prevailing winds, most bareboat charters navigate counterclockwise around the islands. The tip of Steel Point (above) marks the north west entrance to the Thatch Island Cut and Soper's Hole.

As you enter the harbour from the water, you'll see the Fish 'n Lime Restaurant on your port (Tortola side) and then the West End Ferry Terminal. You'll find an ample number of mooring balls to go around further up in the harbour. Just look around for them and be sure you choose one that isn't privately owned! (They are usually marked.)

Check out our map for locations.

Frenchman's Cay is on your starboard side as you enter the harbour and is home to both the Frenchman's Cay Boat Yard, and Soper's Hole Wharf & Marina, offering various shops and restaurants to explore.

To_West_End_Ferry_Sopers_Hole West End Ferry Terminal in Soper's Hole
FC_Frenchmans_Cay_Boat_Yard Frenchman's Cay Boat Yard

Within the marina, you'll find a fuel and water depot as well as several shops selling all sorts of things from beach wear to ice cream. BVI Apparel offers some great T-shirts while Pusser's Store brings their own brand of excellent casual clothes, some really unusual gift items, watches, and more. Culture Classic Gift Shop, Arawak and Zenaida's Boutique each sell very interesting gift items and clothing.

Latitude 18 carries name brand, casual clothes, sandals, sun glasses among other things. Sunny Caribbee is famous for its incredible array of Caribbean spices and hand crafted gift items. This is a great place to shop for that special gift to take home.

FC_Sopers_Hole_Wharf_And_Marina Soper's Hole Wharf and Marina
FC_Sopers_Hole_Marina_Shops Soper's Hole Marina Shops

The Harbour Market is a handy stop to top up your provisions. They offer basic provisioning and deli items, some gourmet goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, wine, beer, liquor and soft drinks. The fresh meat counter is hit and miss, so don't count on picking up steaks or pork chops. Keep your menu requirements flexible.

D'Best Cup Coffee Shop is open from 7:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for breakfast and offers a marvelous selection of international coffees, sandwiches, hot breakfast, and more. They stop serving food at 12:30 but are open in the afternoon for coffee and drinks.

At Bluewater Divers Dive Shop, Keith Royle or one of his staff will be happy to fill your scuba tanks or arrange rendezvous dives or even scuba lessons for you.

FC_Harbour_Market_Aerial Harbour Market
To_Sopers_Hole_Sunset_2 Sunset in Soper's Hole, Tortola

The sunsets are often breathtaking and you'll frequently see brilliant shades of orange, pink red and a deep blue (and sometimes green) all layered together! This shot was taken from a friend's balcony.

FC_Frenchmans_Cay_Bridge Frenchman's Cay Bridge
FC_Lighthouse_Marina_Sopers_Hole Lighthouse Marina, Soper's Hole

While exploring the harbour by dinghy, you'll discover access to Kelly's Suprette & the Steak & Chop Restaurant if you dinghy around the little sand bar and under the bridge. It is a narrow gap around the sand bar, so take it slowly and mind your prop.

If you'd like to stay on a dock but Soper's Hole Marina is full, try the Lighthouse Marina (above) which is located on Frenchman's Cay, just east of Harbour Market. Contact them on VHF Channel 12 or call (284) 340-1715.

Perhaps you'd like to take a tour around the island, or visit Bomba's Surfside Shack for a night of fun, look for big Dave Richards (aka Cannon) or Paul Thomas under the big Tamarind tree behind the café! Both drive taxi and either one will be happy to assist. I can recommend both highly. Tell them Liane sent you! :)

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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