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A delightful BVI secret!

The Bubbly Pool

A short distance from Foxy's Taboo restaurant, at Diamond Cay on Jost Van Dyke, you'll find another British Virgin Islands geological delight known as the "Bubbly Pool".

This fun little spot is much akin to a natural Jacuzzi. If you visit while the tide is up, it can be quite invigorating! If you go during periods when the north side is calm and there's no wave action ... you may be disappointed. It's still a great place to visit and have a picnic ... but it won't provide the excitement you might have hoped for. So check the wave conditions on the north shore before you go!

The rock formation located on the rugged northern coast of Jost Van Dyke funnels waves through a very narrow passage into this small, natural pool.

This is one of nature's little secrets and is great fun for the whole family! I think the deepest area within the pool is about 5 feet. Provided conditions are suitable, there's no need to worry about an undertow or being dragged out to sea ... you are perfectly safe (and contained) here given the right weather conditions and the use of common sense.

Please use caution. If the seas are looking nasty on the north shore, do not go in the water. Also do not mount the rocks on the the sea side of the Bubbly Pool at any time. You can easily be swept out to sea by the ebbing tide. Mother nature is much stronger than you are!

Path to the Bubbly Pool spacer Salt Pond
Path to the Bubbly Pool
Salt Pond

To get here, you'll cross a short peninsula separating Long Bay and a salt pond shown in the picture above. Follow this easily navigated goat path around the salt pond and through the waste high, wild sage bushes. You won't get lost as long as you stay on the path ... and even if you do go astray, there really isn't very far to go!

Calm spacer Then it gets Bubbly
One moment its Perfectly Calm ...
And Then it Gets Bubbly!

Just wade right in and enjoy this little slice of heaven. Many people like to bring a towel, picnic lunch, drinks and a garbage bag and they'll spend several hours here.

Bubbly Pool Jost Van Dyke
The Bubbly Pool

Small children should not be left alone at any time as the waves can easily overpower them. This is a great spot when things start bubbling!

Please take your garbage with you!

Aerial Photo of the Bubbly Pool
Aerial Photo from the West

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