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Diamond Cay in the British Virgin Islands

Diamond_Cay Tiny Diamond Cay National Park
This tiny little Cay is approximately 1.25 acres in size and marks the southern end of Long Bay, just off the eastern shore of Jost Van Dyke, beside Foxy's Taboo Restaurant.

Over the past several years, the entire area of East End, Jost Van Dyke (surrounding Foxy's) has erroneously been referred to as "Diamond Cay" on various websites.

To set the record straight, the land mass is called East End, while the body of water in front of Foxy's is Long Bay and the body of water immediately south of Long Bay (along the JVD shoreline) is called East End Harbour.

There are currently 10 mooring balls available in the Long Bay anchorage. Mooring fees are collected by a local fellow who will come to your boat.

There's a small, man made jetty at East End Harbour that is just wide enough for one vehicle. Both the jetty and Harbour can be seen in the photos below.

Further south, just north of Sandy Ground Estate, the body of water is called Baker's Bay.

Diamond Cay is attached to the main island by a narrow coral shoal which is usually above water. However, investigating the cay is not encouraged as nesting pelicans have been known to abandon their nests (and their young) if a threat is perceived. They will eventually come back, but too late for any eggs that may be in their nests or any young hatchlings they may have been caring for.

Diamond_Cay_1 View of Diamond Cay
Diamond_Cay_2 East End Harbour

The cay is a bird sanctuary and home to a few species of nesting sea birds, but mainly pelicans. It was designated as a National Park in 1991.

Diamond_Cay_BVI View of Diamond Cay from the Water

If approaching the cay by dinghy, kayak, swimming, wading or walking, please keep noise to a minimum and voices low, so the birds won't be scared off. Please note that it is very shallow all the way around Diamond Cay. You will have to row your dinghy and there is only so far you can go before the hull will hit bottom or be damaged by underwater rocks.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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