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Long Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda

VG_Long_Bay_Beach Long Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda
A gorgeous, half moon shaped beach and lovely anchorage tucked in behind Mountain Point. The beach and anchorage rarely receive the acclaim they deserve. Though shaded in the early morning hours, full sun reaches parts of the beach by about 10:30 am and is present throughout the rest of the day until sunset. The sunsets here are generally pretty spectacular.

The anchorage is not always viable and you should consult weather reports as it is often subject to ground swells and wave action in the winter months. In the spring and summer however, this can be an idyllic spot to spend a night or just a few hours if you wish to go elsewhere for the night. Depth is about 15' to 25'

There's fabulous snorkeling in the area, with two separate, healthy reefs to explore. Lot's to see, particularly out near the point. However, beginner and intermediate level snorkelers and divers should stay in close to shore and leave the point for another time, when you've had more experience.

Long Bay Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Rocks covered in sea urchins lie directly off the majority of the beach but there's a very nice clear spot at the northernmost point.
Swimming: Excellent if on a boat or at the northern part of the beach, given acceptable sea conditions.
Safe For Children: Best in summer months but there are many better beaches that are more child friendly.
Rip Current: Not that I've seen. But anything is possible.
Snorkelling: Excellent.
Scuba Diving: No dive shops. If driving, you could do a nice shore dive here if you don't mind slogging your equipment all the way to the north end of the beach from the car park. If on a boat, you're all set! :)
Water Toys: No.
Beach Chairs: No.
Water Conditions: Medium to high wave action common in the winter months.
Bars & Restaurants: No, but (if driving) Hog Heaven isn't very far up the road and Sugar Cane Restaurant at Nail Bay Resort isn't far off either. If on a boat, the closest restaurant is at Leverick Bay.
Entertainment: No.
Washroom: No.
Provisioning: No.
Hotels & Villas: A few villas nearby at the southern end of the beach.
Area Description: Very remote, almost never busy & usually deserted. There are a few trees for shade and low scrub vegetation.
Access: By sea or land. If driving, there is a very lumpy road to the beach with just a few parking spaces. A jeep is recommended.