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Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands

Virgin_Gorda The Island of Virgin Gorda
From the Copper Mine Ruins and The Baths at the southern tip of the island, to Spanish Town, the North Sound, Oil Nut Bay and all points in between, the island of Virgin Gorda is simply breathtaking!

Here you'll find almost anything your heart desires. There are a handful of world class resorts, fabulous anchorages, sport fishing, scuba diving excursions and snorkeling excursions, kite boarding, windsurfing, jet ski adventures, glass bottom boat tours, a full service marina and several terrific hiking trails. Aside from the Coppermine, there are other historic sites to explore, including the Nail Bay Sugar Works.

Foodies will be thrilled to discover that there are plenty of great restaurants on the island. They run the gamut from quaint little beach bars and humble local hang outs to some of the best eateries anywhere in the Caribbean. There's even a pretty terrific night club here!

When discussing the island, it's practically impossible not to highlight the incredible beaches. The photo below depicts a rather run of the mill scene for Virgin Gorda. The whole southern part of the island looks like this ... but more so. Almost anywhere you look is picture perfect.

The north end of Virgin Gorda offers a few gorgeous and secluded anchorages. Deep Bay, Oil Nut Bay and the South Sound each offer those seeking solitude marvelous alternatives to the North Sound, weather permitting. At least they used to ...

Word is that the sailing community has lost one gorgeous anchorage and beach since the summer of 2013. Apparently, after Oil Nut Bay Resort opened, the anchorage suddenly became off limits to us plebeians for "safety and environmental reasons". According to resort management, anchoring in sand can be detrimental to the sea bed. Who knew?

Don't bother trying to get dinner reservations at this "very exclusive" resort either. If you are not a resort guest or a member of the "elite", apparently, you are not welcome. Maybe you can get reservations if you know someone, who knows someone, who knows the secret handshake. :)

Hiking fans will enjoy the marvelous trails at Gorda Peak National Park and throughout the North and South Sound or around the Copper Mine and the Baths. If you venture out into the boulders at the southern tip of the island, be sure to take plenty of water and a hand held compass. It is very easy to become disoriented and dehydrated out there. Trust me, it happens!

Virgin_Gorda_Beaches Virgin Gorda Beaches
VG_Deep_Bay_Eustatia_Sound Deep Bay and Eustatia Sound with North Sound in the Background

VG_South_Sound Aerial View of the South Sound
VG_Virgin_Gorda_Yacht_Harbour_3 Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour

Several resorts are located on the island including Little Dix Bay. Built by the late Laurance Rockefeller in 1964. The resort boasts 500 acres of landscaped luxury. Mr. Rockefeller was a true ecologist, philanthropist and was considered a great friend of the BVI. The well groomed grounds stand as testament to his efforts to beautify and preserve the British Virgin Islands for future generations.

Leverick Bay is a busy little village with a marina offering fuel, water, docking, mooring balls, health spa, tennis court, restaurant, bar, a small grocery store and villa rentals.

Biras Creek Resort and the Bitter End Yacht Club, are both located in the North Sound. The Bitter End focuses on water sports for active travelers and they welcome bareboaters.

There are also numerous villas for rent and several small hotels and inns scattered throughout. Much of the island is uninhabited and remains "virgin territory".

Facts & Stats about Virgin Gorda:

Origin of Name: Spanish for "Fat Virgin".
Population: 3,390 (estimate)
Main Town or Village: Spanish Town - also known as The Valley
Maximum elevation: Gorda Peak - 1,370' above sea level
Land Mass: Approximately 9 square miles
Main industry: Tourism
Ports of Entry: St. Thomas Bay and Gun Creek

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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