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Gertrude's Beach Bar & Restaurant - White Bay

JVD_Gertrude_Callwood Gertrude Callwood
Not just another beach bar! This unassuming place is home to just about the best chicken roti I have found anywhere. There I said it ... and I don't care if I've upset anyone. Well I do care ... but it's the truth just the same.

I am a big fan of chicken roti and although I have tried many times to cook it myself, it's just never quite right. Perhaps it's because I am not West Indian and don't know "the secret". I had never even heard of roti until I moved from Canada to the British Virgin Islands but it's now just about my favourite meal, next to Canadian lobster, Guyanese pepper pot and various Chinese dishes. Anyway, if you are a roti fan ... you have to try Gertrude's. It is absolutely fabulous!

Meet Gertrude Callwood (pictured), the lady who owns the place. She is a hoot ... once you get to know her. Behind the shades and the suppressed grin, is a very kind hearted person who loves to have a good time. She is Greg Callwood's (taxi driver and owner of The Perfect Pineapple Inn ) mom and you can certainly see the family resemblance! Gertrude is a Virgin Islander, born and raised. She first opened her modest beach bar and restaurant on White Bay in 1972.

JVD_Gertrudes_Beach_Bar_1 Gertrudes Beach Bar And Restaurant
JVD_Gertrudes_Beach_Bar_And_Restaurant Gertrude's Gift Shop

JVD_Gertrudes_Menu Gertrude's Menu
Back in the day, the bar was a tiny (8' x 8' ... or thereabouts) cabana that was cobbled together using 4x4 uprights, latticework sides, a flat wooden roof and a plywood counter. She had no refrigeration, as Jost Van Dyke didn't have electricity back then ... so like most, she used coolers with ice and offered hair braiding services too.

Today, Gertrude's has grown to include a little gift shop and a full blown restaurant, popular with the sailing crowd and locals alike.

Drop in and meet Olga and the staff and try one of their specialties. Their bushwhackers are their claim to fame. I am sure you'll enjoy the food, the company and the atmosphere. You get to pour your own drinks here too ... just the way you like them! :)

The lime and garlic shrimp are pretty wonderful if you are visiting for dinner. But honestly, pretty much everything is good here!

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