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White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the BVI

JVD_White_Bay_Jost_Van_Dyke White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the BVI
Much has changed in White Bay since I first moved to the BVI. It's difficult to remember when there were only two or three restaurants here, but it really wasn't that long ago. In a very short space of time, since the roads were cut through from Great Harbour and the island got electricity, White Bay has become a "hot spot" for day trippers from the U.S. Virgin Islands and yacht charter folks alike.

There's a reef running nearly the full length of the beach, just a few hundred feet offshore providing calm waters and protection for swimmers. A convenient break in the reef provides access for yachts to anchor. You can usually see a clear path through the reef, but it's best to refer to your charts or cruising guide for guidance.

Located at the far west end of White Bay beach, you'll find Frank Mahoney's, Sea and Land Adventures. Frank offers water toy equipment rentals as well as ATV tours of Jost Van Dyke.

Next up is Seddy Callwood's One Love Bar & Grill. When you first see the restaurant, you may wonder if you've taken a wrong turn and ended up at Bomba's Shack! On closer inspection, you'll note that whomever decorated One Love is a little more of an "A" type personality than Bomba, who seems to have a flair for asymmetrical design!

Moving west along the beach is Coco Loco's. They serve up pizza, tacos and roti ... amongst other delectible delights while Jewel's Snack Shack is one of the few places on Jost Van Dyke where you can get yourself a proper, deli style hot dog or burger and a fabulous party punch. Julitette (Jewels) is a relocated New Yorker who loves to chat with her customers.

Gertrude's is THE place for Roti on Jost Van Dyke. I won't go anywhere else for roti on the island. They offer lots and lots of other things on the menu, but I can never get enough of Gertrude's chicken roti.

JVD_White_Bay_Aerial White Bay Beach
JVD_White_Bay White Bay Overview

The Soggy Dollar Bar runs neck and neck with Ivan's as being "the" most popular places on the beach. The Soggy Dollar provides a wonderful, party atmosphere while their personable staff supply warm and friendly service. Bar games are plentiful and getting that darned ring on the hook has often been my most daunting task for the day. This is often a very a busy place!

If looking for something with a little slower place and a wonderfully sublime atmosphere, try Ivan's Stress Free Bar. Ivan's is located on the east side of the bay, just past the stoney outcropping that basically separates the beach into two halves. This bar is my personal favourite ... but if looking for something to eat, be prepared to wait quite a while. This is definitely not a fast food place!

White Bay is little slice of paradise and it's simply gorgeous! Sun worshippers from all over the world have touted White Bay, as the quintessential, "picture post card beach!" Be aware though, it can become very busy here in season. Off season, it is usually still pretty calm on most days.

Anchoring or Mooring overnight in White Bay can become problematic at times. Frequent ground seas can spoil an otherwise enjoyable night's sleep ... and ground seas can come out of nowhere, so keep this in mind when deciding between White Bay, Great Harbour or Little Harbour and be sure to check local weather forecasts. More than one yacht has been found up on the beach after a rough night.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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