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Abe's By The Sea Restaurant - Little Harbour

JVD_Abes_By_The_Sea Abe's By The Sea Restaurant - Little Harbour
Big Abe Coakley and his charming wife Eunicy are the proud proprietors of this humble establishment. Abe is a Virgin Islander, born and raised on Jost Van Dyke while Eunicy is originally from St. Vincent but has lived in the British Virgin Islands for more than 30 years. Abe opened his restaurant in 1974 or 75 ... just before Sidney, from Sidney's Peace and Love opened his place on the opposite side of Garner Bay.

Abe's, like the other restaurants in Little Harbour, specialize in lobster dinners (in season) but Eunicy and her sister Vasilca also prepare other West Indian fare such as conch, fish, shrimp, chicken and fabulous ribs ... and man, can they cook ribs! You MUST try their home made key lime pie ... it's out of this world!

The Bar is an honour bar, which means you serve yourself and write down what drinks you take as your meal progresses. There are several honour bars in the BVI and most folks quite enjoy it as they get their drinks their way. You can make it as potent or as weak as you like. The bar is very well stocked too.

Inside the restaurant, you'll find the furnishings pretty basic but clean and tidy. They can seat up to about 70 people in a pinch.

JVD_Abe_And_Eunicy_Coakley Eunicy and Abe Coakley, Abe's By The Sea
JVD_Abes_By_The_Sea_Bar Abe's By The Sea Honour Bar

JVD_Abes_By_The_Sea_Restaurant_1 Abe's By The Sea Restaurant Inside
JVD_Abes_Dinghy_Rental Abe's Dinghy Rentals

JVD_Abes_Restaurant_Princess Abe's By The Sea, Princess
Abe also runs a taxi service, car rental service and they offer dinghy rentals too. The dinghy (seen above) is hauled out of the water every time it is used in order to keep the bottom clean. I think the going rate is $100.00 per day. Check with them first. Oh ... and they also have a little shop with very basic provisions. Soft drinks, beer, ice, water ... that sort of thing.

You couldn't ask for a more gracious greeter than Princess, Abe & Eunicy's lovely little island mutt. She's just adorable and clearly well cared for and loved. :)

Nice folks, good food, good service and a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Open for lunch and dinner
Reservations required by 5:00 p.m. for dinner
particularly if you want front row seats on the dock
Phone: (284) 495-9329 - They also monitor VHF Channel 16