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Check In Process

Each of the company's procedures vary slightly ... but they will be expecting you soon after you arrive on Tortola.

Note: If you have arranged a sleep aboard the night before your charter starts, you will likely arrive in the dark, after the charter base has closed. Best to have a flashlight or hands free light with you. See notes at the bottom of this page, relating to sleep aboards.

Upon Arrival at the charter base

Have the charter company take care of any deficiencies (if any) found while you are still at the dock. Once you are out on the water, something such as a blocked head or a shower that doesn't drain can be very unpleasant. Of course, these are things the maintenance staff should catch prior to your charter, but human beings are fallible and can sometimes miss things.

After having tried every possible item of operation, you are set to cast off and enjoy a marvelous and worry free sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands!

Sleep Aboard

Assuming you were smart and sent in your taxi order form that we provided when you first booked your charter, a taxi will have been arranged to pick you up at the airport or ferry terminal. Your taxi driver will have been briefed as to which yacht you will be aboard and where on the dock it is located. He will show you to the boat.

Note: If sailing with BVI Yacht Charters, there will be a note on the office door as to your yacht's location.

You will find the boat has been left unlocked with the lights on and the key on the dinette or navigation table. Just make yourselves at home and proceed to the office a little after 8:30 in the morning. Give the staff a few minutes to settle in for the morning before introducing yourselves. Then go through the process noted above.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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