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Yacht Systems Briefing & Pre-Charter Check List

On the day your BVI yacht charter begins, you will be required to attend a yacht systems and chart briefing. Briefings usually last 2 to 2½ hours. Only one or two people need attend the briefings if the others want to go shopping for provisions.

Your briefer will show you through the boat and explain the operation of all the different yacht systems. You will also be provided with a reference manual that includes notes on all operating procedures. Once your briefer has completed your tour, that is the time to check the boat yourselves to make sure all systems are operational and that you have everything you need.

Note: A smart skipper will run this part of the pre-charter preparations like a well oiled machine. Split up your list and delegate various crew members to carry out the inspections for different sections as listed below.

This will help familiarize your crew with the parts of the boat they will ultimately be responsible for monitoring throughout the charter. As my mom repeatedly stated; "Many hands make light work".

Even if you have hired a captain, it is your responsibility to check the boat before leaving the dock, so please allow yourselves at least an hour to do so. Your captain will help you.

Not all yachts will have all of the equipment listed below. Just skip over the items you don't have. Be sure to cross them off your list so your crew members don't spend time searching for them.

Yacht Documentation:

* Time Saving Tip: If you plan to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands while sailing, take along at couple of copies of your crew manifest so that you will not have to spend time at Customs & Immigration copying out everyone's details when clearing in & out of the BVI or USVI.

Lights & Electrical:

Navigation Station & Electronics:

* Some companies only provide a small chart of the islands indicating zones where you may not travel. For navigation purposes, we recommend the Imray Iolaire chart #A233 which may be purchased online prior to your arrival. Some of the bases also sell them.

** Ask your briefer to show you how to get the weather reports on the VHF. Check weather reports every day before setting sail.

Cabins & Heads:

Note: * A blocked head is a major pain to deal with and very unpleasant to work on. It is both expensive and time-consuming to fix. You will be charged for unblocking a marine head so it is important that all aboard learn how NOT to block the head before leaving the dock.

Galley Equipment:

Notes & Tips:

Safety Equipment:

Note: * Life jackets for very small children are in short supply. You would be best served by bringing your own to ensure a proper and comfortable fit.

Below Decks:

Note: * Air conditioners aboard yachts will not perform as efficiently as land based units. A low temperature of 70 to 74 degrees is the best you can expect. This is the normal range. Some struggle to keep a low temp of 75 degrees on particularly warm nights.

Deck Equipment, Sails and Rigging:

Dinghy & Outboard:

Once you have completed your checklist, bring any deficiencies or missing items to the attention of the base staff so that they may attend to it a.s.a.p. Make sure your fresh water and fuel tanks are full before leaving the dock! Now go have some fun and explore the magnificent British Virgin Islands!

We at Bareboats BVI wish you a joyful sailing holiday!

Last updated: May 21st 2016
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