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Soggy Dollar Bar - White Bay Beach, BVI

spacer Mickey
Mick - your bartender

In days past, there was no road access to the Soggy Dollar Bar & Restaurant on Jost Van Dyke. The only way to get there was to take a dinghy to the beach or swim in from your boat.

In fact, you will still find the line where the bartender hangs soggy money with clothes pegs to dry out the dollar bills.

Much changed a few years ago when a road was cut in from Great Harbour to White Bay. It was also about the same time the island got electricity. Until then, everyone on the island used generators or kerosene lamps.

I have known Mickey, (your friendly bartender) for many years. He was once my next door neighbour and he is an avid gardener. He grows papayas, bananas, mangos and other local fruit. He's not only a very attentive bartender but he's a really great guy to get to know.

Soggy Dollar Bar
Soggy Dollar Bar and Restaurant - Jost Van Dyke

Visitors will find the atmosphere at the bar is very laid back. Its a marvelous place to spend time and you'll find lots of bar games to amuse those who enjoy a challenge. One game I find particularly frustrating is the ring and hook game. I have seen people spend hours at a time mastering their technique!

Rubin Chinnery spacer
Rubin Chinnery

Rubin Chinnery often plays his 12 string guitar at the Soggy Dollar and various other places around the BVI!

Rubin is a fascinating man with a great talent. His musical abilities are varied and most visitors are pleasantly surprised at his diverse selection of songs which includes almost anything. On those rare occasions when I am able to get out and about, I will often try to find where Rubin is playing.

The views from the restaurant are spectacular and its easy to understand why White Bay is so popular. Unfortunately, it is almost too popular for my liking, but it still holds a great attraction for just about everyone visiting the British Virgin Islands.

View of White Bay
View of White Bay from the Soggy Dollar Restaurant

For land based visitors, the Sandcastle Hotel (owned by the same folks as the Soggy Dollar) is a great spot to stay for a week or longer. I know visitors who stay at the Sandcastle every year. Most would never even consider staying anywhere else!

Hammock on the Beach
It really doesn't get much better than this!

However, if planning to stay at the Sandcastle, I recommend you book your rooms well in advance. By that I mean at least 8 to 10 months ahead ... or longer if visiting over any holiday period. Its a small facility and the rooms book up quickly!

White Bay Beach
White Bay Beach

Contact Roger at the Soggy Dollar Bar by phone at: (284) 495-9075
e:mail: relax@sandcastle-bvi.com
or visit their Web Site

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