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Jewel's Snack Shack - White Bay Beach

Juliette (Jewel) Callwood is quite a little spitfire! Born and raised in New York City, she married one of the Callwood's and established her tiny Snack Shack on the beach. Since then, Jost Van Dyke has never been the same!

Juliette (Jewel) Callwood

Here at Jewel's, you will enjoy one of the best Hebrew National Hot Dogs to be found anywhere in the British Virgin Islands!

While waiting for your order, you and your friends will be amused by the numerous signs reflecting the proprietor's straight shooting sense of humour, typical of many New Yorkers.

In the photo above, our host was not being the typically shy BV Islander, nor is she the type who closes her eyes when being photographed. The truth is, she saw the camera and playfully began to bat her eyes at me!

Juliette (Jewel) Callwood

Most sailors visiting White Bay, head straight for the world famous Soggy Dollar Bar or Ivan's Stress Free Bar. But you would really be missing something if you didn't stop in to visit Jewel and sample some of her offerings. Did I mention she had the best hot dogs in the BVI ... the garden burger, cheeseburger and bacon burger with fries are all pretty good too!

Oh, and you have to try her party punch. She says it's a rum punch with a touch of class!  She has a secret recipe that gives this drink a wonderful bit of oomph. Try it!

Call Juliette (aka Jewel) at:
(284) 543-0863 ... she'd love to hear from you!
or visit her facebook page.

Phone: (284) 495-4168 in Tortola, British Virgin Islands

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Updated: December 25, 2014

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