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Bamboushay Gift Shop in Road Town on Tortola

This is such a lovely little shop and it's loaded with gorgeous hand made pottery, jewellery and a raft of unique gift items that sets Bamboushay apart from most of the other shops. The store faces onto historic Main Street in the heart of Road Town and is directly behind Bamboushay Lounge and Restaurant on Waterfront Drive.

You will usually find Alex Durante (aka Alexandra) with her head down, toiling away, in her tiny little works space within the store. Alex makes fabulous, hand made necklaces, rings, earings, bracelets and other jewellery items that are very impressive ... but she is particularly fond of working with pearls.

To_Bamboushay_Gift_Shop Bamboushay Gift Shop
To_Bamboushay_Alex_Durante Alex Durante, Bamboushay Gift Shop

I've known Alex since she was a very young teenager and you couldn't find a nicer person. She's an absolute sweetheart with a marvelous "can do attitude" and a strong determination to succeed at everything she does. Add to that her artistic talent ... and you have a sure fire winner!

All of Alex's creations are one of a kind. There are variations on the same theme of course, but no two pieces are identical. She also makes some lovely hand made soaps and body butter too. Don't ask me what body butter is. I haven't a clue!

To_Pearls_VI Pearls VI, Hand Made Jewellery
To_Bamboushay_Pottery Hand Made Bamboushay Pottery

In addition to the jewellery, you will also find some really terrific hand made pottery. I am particularly fond of their wall light sconces. They are fabulous. This is one store you really don't want to miss!

To_Pearls_VI_1 Pearls VI, Handmade Necklaces
To_Bamboushay_Ceramic_Sink Bamboushay Hand Made Sink

The hand made sink above, trimmed with little fish, starfish and turtles is absolutely lovely! I wish I had the perfect Caribbean cottage to which I could attach it! :)

The store is open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - Closed Sunday
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