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Anegada in the British Virgin Islands

Anegada_Setting_Point_Plane Anegada in the British Virgin Islands Setting Point Anchorage
"The Drowned Island"

Please note: The entire Anegada section will be updated and expanded within the next few months. Stay tuned!)

This is the only major coral island within the British Virgin Islands. Anegada features fabulous beaches, an immense barrier reef, salt ponds, flamingos, rock iguanas, incredible sunsets, and great lobster dinners! Known as the "drowned island ", as the highest elevation is only 28' above sea level.

Anegada can be divided into 6 very distinct and diverse areas:

The Anchorage: Lies between Setting Point & Pomato Point and is a favourite of BVI sailing enthusiasts. There are several beach bars and restaurants to choose from such as Potter's By the Sea, Anegada Reef Hotel, Neptune's Treasure, The Lobster Trap and Pomato Point Bar & Restaurant. A handful of other businesses are located a short distance inland.

As the photo above indicates, "Setting Point" is aptly named. The sunsets here are nothing short of spectacular!

For more, see our main page on The Anchorage.

Beaches: The north shore offers miles and miles of beautiful, uninterrupted beach and an incredible barrier reef with views of the wide open Atlantic Ocean. It is sparsely dotted with uniquely charming BVI beach bars and restaurants including Cow Wreck Beach Bar and Grill, Flash of Beauty at Loblolly Bay East, and Big Bamboo Restaurant also on Loblolly Beach. Each offers fresh seafood (including fresh lobster and conch) as well as great island refreshments! These beaches have become a major attraction for surfing and kite boarding enthusiasts.

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Anegada_Loblolly_Bay_Beach Loblolly Beach at Big Bamboo Restaurant & Bar
Anegada_Salt_Pond The Salt Ponds

Salt Ponds: Much of this island's interior is made up of salt ponds, the largest of which is the Flamingo Pond, seen in the picture above. Not surprisingly and as the name would indicate, you'll find a relatively good sized flock of flamingos here. The Salt Ponds cover approximately 1/4 of the island's 21.5 square miles!

For more, see our main page on the Salt Ponds.

The Settlement: Though many Anegadians still live in The Settlement, some have spread out and built homes in other locations. This is primarily a fishing village. You will find a small Post Office, Dotsy's Bakery, Government Administration Building, a medical clinic and several intriguing little homes, many of which have goats roaming their yards.

Anegada_Home_The_Settlement Home in The Settlement

In the photo above you can see an abandoned home depicting typical, West Indian building style of a bygone era.

Outback: This desolate area is of great interest to botanists and zoologists concerned with maintaining a delicate ecosystem existing on Anegada which boasts several species unique to this island such as the Rock Iguana as well as several plant species. This is also a natural habitat for Caribbean Flamingos. You will encounter other (somewhat more domesticated) wild life here as well!

Read about the British Virgin Islands Rock Iguana Head Start Programme.

Anegada_Donkeys Donkeys grazing
Anegada_Rock_Iguana Anegada Rock Iguana

Anegada Reef: This fascinating part of of the British Virgin Islands is protected on its northern coast by a huge barrier reef which, at nearly 18 miles long is one of the largest in the Caribbean! The entire island is rimmed by approximately 14 miles of powder white beach and the reef itself is teeming with a vastly diverse ecosystem which includes conch, lobster, a myriad of corals, reef dwellers and big game fish.

Anegada_Reef Aerial picture of the Reef

Auguste George Airport, BVI: This tiny Airport (NGD) lies close to The Settlement, and other than traveling by boat or ferry (which runs three times per week), is the only way to access this most remote of all British Virgin Islands. The airport is often unmanned and is serviced by small charter planes & helicopters. Its takes about 12 to 15 minutes to fly from Beef Island airport.

Anegada_Airport_Landing Landing at Anegada Airport, BVI
Auguste_George_Airport_NGD Auguste George Airport (NGD)

Smith's Ferry is now offering service to Anegada every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Ferry Departure Times:
Road Town, Tortola at 7:00 am and 3:30 pm
Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda at 7:30 am and 4:00 pm
Setting Point at 8:30 am and 5:00 pm

Of all the islands in the BVI, this is one you really won't want to miss!

We also have a Map of Anegada.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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