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Top Of The Baths Restaurant - Virgin Gorda

I've had good experiences here, the food is good and the view is fabulous. It helps that the pool is right there and that restaurant customers are welcome to take a dip before or after their meal.

VG_Top_OF_The_Baths_Restaurant Top Of The Baths Restaurant, Virgin Gorda
VG_Top_Of_The_Baths_Inside_Restaurant Inside Restaurant at Top Of The Baths

Owners Charlene and Norman Henderson opened Top of The Baths in November, 1994 and have maintained the premises in tip top shape to this day. Since then, they have welcomed thousands upon thousands of visitors who have just been or are on their way to The Baths National Park.

The menu is surprisingly diverse with everything from chocolate chip pancakes to chicken roti, jerk pork chops, grilled lobster tail, stewed oxtail or pasta primavera. I guess the menu could be described as North American & Caribbean fusion with a little Italian and Japanese thrown in for good measure. :)

I've heard so so reports as well as glowing reports, but I personally haven't had a bad meal here yet, and the service has always been very good ... except one time when they were short handed and the place was very busy. It happens even at 5 star restaurants!

VG_Top_Of_The_Baths_Sushi_Bar Sushi Bar
VG_Top_Of_The_Baths_View View from Top Of The Baths Restaurant

I love the sushi bar! Of course, that could be because I love sushi ... well "some" sushi anyway. It helps that the guys are great ... super friendly and they make a great "Crunchy Fotumaki" which is deep fried shrimp (tempura style) with crab, avocado and a sweet chili mayonnaise served with teriyaki dipping sauce. It is fabulous!

The California rolls are terrific too and a friend of mine said the Salmon Dragon, which is crab, avocado and mango topped with teriyaki glazed salmon is "to die for".

My apologies for the lousy photos. It was a very overcast and rainy day. Next time I hope the weather will be more cooperative!

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