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St. Thomas Bay - Virgin Gorda

VG_St_Thomas_Bay_Virgin_Gorda St. Thomas Bay, Virgin Gorda
While sailing, you'll likely need to top up your provisions at some point, and Spanish Town (aka The Valley) is one of the places you should plan to stop to do just that. The anchorage at St. Thomas Bay is located right beside the ferry dock. A three minute walk from shore will take you to Buck's Market, at the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour.

In the principal photo, you can see the foot path cutting through the park that leads to Buck's Market.

It should be noted that this is also a port of entry, so if you plan on visiting the USVI directly from here, you can check your yacht and crew out of the British Virgin Islands at Customs and Immigration. Don't forget to bring your documentation.

There's a nice beach here, so if one group is off shopping, perhaps the rest might want to take the kids and go snorkeling off the beach.

VG_Customs_Immigration Virgin Gorda Customs and Immigration
VG_Saint_Thomas_Bay_Beach Saint Thomas Bay Beach

If you'd like to rent a car to tour the island, there are three rental agencies available: Directly north of the ferry dock, there's a boat launch that is used frequently. Please don't block the boat launch area or leave your dinghy too close to either side of it. Give them at least 15 feet on each side.

VG_Saint_Thomas_Bay_Anchorage Saint Thomas Bay Anchorage
VG_Saint_Thomas_Bay_Boat_Launch Saint Thomas Bay Boat Launch

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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