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Spring Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda

As you approach the beach from the parking lot, you will see a clearing with a swing set, followed by a huge and very cool boulder the kids will have a ball climbing!

A lot of the boulders have what look like huge, rounded dimples large enough to make great seats for the kids where they can play king of the castle.

VG_Spring_Bay_Beach_Swings Spring Bay Beach Swings
VG_Spring_Bay_Cool_Boulder Spring Bay Boulder

My 2 year old great nephew (below) had fun playing here. He loves to climb. Perhaps he'll get into rock climbing in a few years!

VG_Spring_Bay_Beach_Miles Miles playing on boulder
VG_Spring_Bay_Beach_Picnic_Area Spring Bay Picnic Area

As you round the base of the boulder, the beach appears on your left and to the right, you will find a gorgeous, palm shaded picnic area (pictured above). Just to the right of the picnic area, you'll find a great BBQ pit, a couple of tables as a prep area and a stone wall separating your outdoor "galley" from the dining area.

You never know who you'll meet here. I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see a fully clothed guy wearing a snorkel while getting the charcoal going. Seems a normal thing to do ... what with the smoke and all.

VG_Spring_Bay_Beach_BBQ_Pit Spring Bay Beach BBQ Pit
VG_Spring_Bay_BBQ_Pit Stone Wall Great for Buffets

If planning a party for a larger group, you'll have plenty of space to lay out a buffet style lunch or dinner on the stone wall (above).

Be sure to check out all the little nooks and crannies around the lagoon. You'll find some great hidey-holes that provide not only privacy but shade as well. This happy little boy was all alone, happily lying on his towel in his "fortress" as he called it, scarfing down a bag of chips and enjoying a great view of the lagoon.

VG_Spring_Bay_Hidey_Hole Spring Bay Hidey Hole
VG_Spring_Bay_Beach_2 Spring Bay Beach Seen from the Lagoon

All in all, Spring Bay is a thoroughly enjoyable place for bareboat charter guests to spend a day while visiting the BVI, and I can't think of a more fabulous place to plan a BBQ!

The photo above shows the beach as seen from the lagoon, just north of the anchorage.

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