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Savannah Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda

VG_Savannah_Bay_Beach_2 Savannah Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda
The further northeast you travel on Virgin Gorda, the fewer boulders you'll find. Savannah Bay Beach is almost devoid of boulders ... and people for that matter. In fact, it's a very busy day on this exquisite beach if there are more than 20 people here at any given time. More often than not, you may find yourselves completely alone, on the largest of all the beaches on Virgin Gorda with only a few people wandering in and out from time to time.

As you can see from the first photo above, I was the only one here on this particular day (as is often the case) and there weren't even any fresh footprints in the sand so I was likely the first one there that day and it was already close to noon.

Be sure to take your sunscreen and water with you as there is very little shade here. You'll find a few palapas (beach umbrellas with palm thatch roof) which have been placed a couple of hundred feet apart that are located up in the vegetated areas. Unfortunately, they are subject to all weather, shifting sand and insufficient maintenance ... so I wouldn't expect a lot of shade from them.

VG_Savannah_Bay_Beach_3 Savannah Bay Beach Beach Umbrella
VG_Savannah_Bay_Beach_1 Savannah Bay Beach From Road

Access to the beach is by sea or land. If driving, there's a rather lumpy dirt road into the beach (that you can see in the photo below) off the main road leading to the North Sound. The beach road is well marked. It has a very small parking area with space for 5 or 6 cars. More than that gets pretty crowded. If driving, you may want to turn the car around before parking to make it easier to get out when you want to leave. Space to turn can get a little snug.

VG_Savannah_Bay_Beach_Aerial Savannah Bay Beach Aerial Photo

You'll find garbage bins in the parking lot. Please be sure to dispose of your waste here rather than leaving it on the beach. The last time I was here, there was also a BBQ provided ... so if you'd like to make a day of it, bring your cooler, burgers, hot dogs, charcoal and all the trimmings and have fun. Best check to make sure the BBQ is still there before hauling everything in though!

Savannah Bay Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Soft white sand with several coral outcroppings.
Swimming: Excellent.
Safe For Children: Yes, in low or no surf. Very shallow for quite a distance off shore.
Rip Current: Not usually.
Snorkelling: Quite good. South side of the beach is the best area.
Scuba Diving: No dive shops.
Water Toys: No.
Beach Chairs: No.
Water Conditions: Medium wave action in the winter months. Crystal clear water!
Bars & Restaurants: No.
Entertainment: No.
Washroom: No.
Provisioning: No.
Hotels & Villas: A few villas nearby atthe northern end of Pond Bay.
Area Description: Very exposed. Few trees with low scrub vegetation. It can get windy here and when that happens, sometimes the sand flies around, making it somewhat unpleasant. On days like that, it's best to find a different beach or stay in the shelter of the little parking area.
Access: By sea or land.