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The Rock Cafe & Sam's Piano Bar - Virgin Gorda

Night Life on Virgin Gorda is somewhat lacking, at least in most places ... but not at the Rock Cafe in the South Valley. This is probably "the" busiest place where both locals and visitors gather to eat, drink, dance, sing and be merry!

VG_Rock_Cafe_Restaurant Rock Cafe, Virgin Gorda
VG_Rock_Cafe_Indooor_Dining Rock Cafe Dining Room

The inside dining room and piano bar are both is air conditioned, if you have had too much sun. It's difficult to advise you what the dress code might be because I have seen it all here. Yachties come in everything from shorts and t-shirts to dress pants and long sleeved shirts and ladies are dressed accordingly. I even saw some fellow dressed in a tux once! He was celebrating his birthday he said. So it seems anything goes.

The cuisine is Italian-Caribbean fusion, and I think it's wonderful. I am a big fan of Caesar salad and I loved theirs. They cook lobster to perfection and their pizzas are great too! They are the proper Italian, thin crust pizzas, not thick and doughy (that taste like cardboard) as you find in some some places. I've never had a bad meal here. Oh and their tiramisu is yummy. They also offer a very reasonably priced kids menu.

If looking for an inexpensive meal, this is not the place for you. Meal prices may be considered high by some, but in the BVI, all food is expensive due to the high shipping costs. I find their pricing quite reasonable considering all the restaurant offers.

VG_Rock_Cafe_Sams_Piano_Bar Rock Cafe Restaurant, Sam's Piano Bar
VG_Rock_Cafe_Outdoor_Dining_Area Outdoor Dining Area

Sam's Piano Bar (which is adjacent to the dining area is where you'll find entertainment 6 nights a week in season (with a different entertainer every month) and Karaoke night on Saturday from 8:00 p.m. until ...

I am not partial to air conditioning, so dining al fresco is always my preferred venue. There's just something about dining outdoors that elevates one's senses, increases your appetite and makes the experience so much more enjoyable. When you combine eating outdoors with dining amongst spectacular boulders that serve as walls to your own private outdoor dining room ... you really can't beat it!

VG_Rock_Cafe_Outdoor_Dining Boulders that Serve as Walls
VG_Rock_Cafe_Lobster Patrick with some Delicious Lobster

I positively love this place! It's currently rated #5 on Trip Advisor, but I would put it in the top 3. The setting alone is enough to put it in the top 5. Add to that terrific staff, attentive service and really good food ... in my opinion, #5 is a tad low.

Get that lobster pot ready Patrick, I'm on my way over! Lord how I love lobster!

Be sure to check out the Sports Bar on the second floor. They are always crowded whenever a main sporting event is on and the Tree House Restaurantis just out back too!

For reservations call 495-5482
Please note that a 15% gratuity will be included on your check.
Open for Dinner from 6:00 pm until ...