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Mahoe Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda

VG_Mahoe_Bay_Beach Mahoe Bay Beach - Virgin Gorda
This is a lovely, half moon shaped bay with a very nice, white sand beach with great views of nearby islands. The beach is accessible only by road and is surrounded by Mango Bay Resort & Villas.

Visitors will be delighted by some pretty spectacular snorkeling directly off the beach. You'll find a good variety of small reef fish here and if you are lucky, a turtle or two. There are often large schools of blue tang in the area and you'll find most of the usual suspects including wrasse, sergeant majors, trunkfish, squid, puffers, trumpet fish and if you keep your eyes peeled, some sea horses too. There are sea urchins about, so mind where you step.

There are actually two reefs here. The inner reef is quite shallow and perfect for beginners. I should mention that there is some obvious damage to the reef caused by careless snorkelers, unaware of their fins hitting the coral. Be reminded that coral is a living organism and is easily killed by a careless stroke of your fins. Try to position your body so that you swim alongside the coral rather than over top of it..

As this is a resort area, visitors are asked to respect the privacy of resort guests and please do not pass the high water mark. Please also note that all beach chairs, equipment and kayaks are for resort guests only.

Mahoe Bay Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Soft white sand for about 30 to 40' off the beach.
Swimming: Excellent.
Safe For Children: Yes, most of the time but is subject to swells in the winter months.
Rip Current: Not usually, but anything can happen.
Snorkelling: Very good. There are two coral reefs a reefs right off the beach.
Scuba Diving: No dive shops.
Water Toys: For resort guests only.
Beach Chairs: For resort guests only.
Water Conditions: Medium wave action and swells in the winter months. Crystal clear water!
Bars & Restaurants: No.
Entertainment: No.
Washroom: No.
Provisioning: No.
Hotels & Villas: Yes. Mango Bay Resort & Villas.
Area Description: Lovely!
Access: By road only. There is nowhere to anchor here without endangering the very healthy reef. Please don't try.