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Devil's Bay Beach & National Park - Virgin Gorda

VG_Devils_Bay_Trail Trail to Devil's Bay
Access to this beach is from the water or on foot ... either way, it is well worth the effort. If swimming from your boat, be sure the green flag is up. Don't push yourselves. It's farther than it appears so just take your time and relax. Be sure to take water with you and wear sun block! There are no vendors on this beach.

If concerned about anyone's swimming ability, have them wear a lifejacket. If you don't think swimming is your safest choice, take the dinghy and head to the dinghy dock or proceed to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour, get a taxi to the Top of the Baths and walk down to the beach. You have two trail options.

Option #1:

The trail on the right leads to The Baths. This trail takes about 10 minutes to negotiate for your average 40 something. Add another 5 minutes for those of us over 60. Once at the Baths, you will soon discover that there is another trail leading to Devil's Bay. You will then crawl, wade, climb, scramble and hike (in that order) through a boulder maze to be met at the end of your adventure by an exquisite beach surrounded by massive, granite boulders.

The total trip to Devil's Bay will take from 30 minutes to an hour ... depending upon your fitness level and the number of times you stop along the way to gawk at the unbelievable beauty surrounding you. It usually takes me about an hour and a half. I stop a lot and detour a lot 'cause even after living in the BVI for more than 20 years, I keep finding more interesting little niches to investigate!

In the photo below, you can see the roof of the restaurant at Top of The Baths on the left and Devil's Bay Beach in the foreground.

VG_Devils_Bay_Top_Of_The_Baths Top of The Baths to Devil's Bay
VG_Devils_Bay_Beach_1 Devil's Bay Aerial View

Option #2 - The Path of Least Resistance:

The path on the left will take you directly to Devil's Bay, bypassing the boulder maze. It may not be as interesting or as much fun, but it's certainly a lot faster and a great deal less strenuous. So if you're not up to getting down on your hands and knees to get through the entrance of the maze, option #2 would be a good choice.

Be aware that what goes down must go back up, so pace yourselves on the return trip back to the Top of the Baths. Stop and rest as needed.

Please be aware that since the photograph (above) was taken, the National Parks Trust has installed a dinghy dock and a swim line. Boats and dinghies may no longer enter the swimming area. Believe me, that's a very good thing! The stories I could tell would curl your hair!

You may see some wildlife along the way including geckos, lizards, land crabs, kestrels, various other birds ... and if you get very, very lucky and keep your eyes open, perhaps you'll spot an iguana hiding in the bushes or lounging on the rocks.

Despite The Baths being an ideal place for iguanas, I've only ever seen one iguana here in 20 years! Of course, I didn't have my camera handy. Typical. They are very shy and I guess there are usually too many people here. Of course, there are lots of wild chickens, so don't be surprised if you hear some chicks peeping or roosters crowing. They're not shy at all.

VG_Devils_Bay_Beach_2 Devil's Bay Beach

Note: If you choose to go through the boulder maze travel lightly. Leave your purses, coolers and beach bags behind. There are lockers at the Baths you may use to store your belongings. You may want to bring a double zip lock baggie for any small personal items you don't want to get wet. If you are taking a camera that isn't waterproof, you may want to invest in a dry bag. There are several companies that make excellent dry bags for just about any purpose and almost any camera.

If you have tender feet, wear reef shoes. I have never needed any shoes, but there are some slippery rocks along the way.

Regardless of which path you choose, it's totally worth it!

Visitor Entry Fee: $3.00 for adults - $2.00 for children 16 and under. Prices are subject to change in the near future.

Devil's Bay Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Soft white sand and a few underwater boulders.
Swimming: Excellent.
Safe For Children: Often. Check to make sure the green flag is flying.
Rip Current: Not usually.
Snorkelling: Pretty good if you look in the right places.
Scuba Diving: No dive shops.
Water Toys: No.
Beach Chairs: No.
Water Conditions: Medium to large wave action in the winter months. Crystal clear!
Bars & Restaurants: No.
Entertainment: No.
Washroom: No.
Provisioning: No.
Hotels & Villas: No.
Area Description: Very rugged terrain with huge boulders throughout the area.
Access: By sea or land.