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Bucks Food Market - Gun Creek

VG_Bucks_Market_Gun_Creek Bucks Food Market - Gun Creek
If visiting the North Sound and you need to top up your provisions, drop into Buck's Market. This is a small store and doesn't have the selection or offer as many options as their store in Spanish Town, but it's certainly convenient.

They have a small selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a reasonably sized freezer section with all the basics, fresh milk, eggs and dairy products and a modest selection of beer, wine and spirits.

To get here, dinghy into Gun Creek, and follow the road around to the boatyard. Buck's is just inside the boat yard gate.

Buck's also has a wholesale market located in the South Valley.

Call (284) 495-7368 or 340-5423
Open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00m pm.

VG_Bucks_Market_Gun_Creek_1 Produce at Bucks Food Market
VG_Bucks_Market_Gun_Creek_2 Selection of Canned and Bottled Goods