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Seal Dog Islands (East & West)

Seal_Dog_Islands Seal Dog Islands
These little jewels are situated slightly northwest of Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda, southwest of Moskito Island and are the northernmost of the group of 7 uninhabited islands, referred to as The Dog Islands or just "The Dogs".

Here you will find an absolutely fabulous place for snorkeling and scuba diving.

As you can see from this aerial photograph, you'll find water depths (ranging from approximately 20' to 85') around the circumference of both islands. There's a plethora of colourful reef fish, marvelous coral formations in every direction, immense underwater boulders with areas you can swim through and if you're really lucky, you may see some large pelagic species, including sharks and rays.

West Seal Dog Island, which is the larger of the two, is a BVI National Park. I find this area truly thrilling to explore and each time I have been here I felt as though I were the only person who has ever been here. Of course the mooring ball that the scuba companies use, generally jerks me back to reality ... but its fun to imagine anyway.

This truly is "virgin" territory and comes highly recommended for any and all scuba diving enthusiasts. Both Dive BVI and Sunchaser Scuba (based in Leverick Bay & North Sound respectively) offer dive tours here regularly ... when sea and weather conditions cooperate!

Seal_Dog_Islands_1 Seal Dog Islands from Land

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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