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Sandy Spit in the British Virgin Islands

Sandy_Spit_BVI Sandy Spit in the BVI
The British Virgin Islands are truly blessed to lay claim to an enchanting little island such as Sandy Spit! Girdled by a picture perfect, 360° white sand beach, sailors and visitors from all over the world continue to enjoy sun bathing, excellent snorkeling, picnics and exploring here.

Sandy Spit lies immediately south of Green Cay and is within spitting distance of Little Jost Van Dyke, Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay.

This tiny little island lights up the Caribbean Sea like a beacon in the sun. The perfect beach is punctuated by a cluster of rocks with green vegetation and one lonely coconut palm. The other one (seen leaning precariously in the photo) finally fell down sometime around 2009, despite valiant efforts to save it.

It is often written by authoritative sources that Anegada is the only coral island within the BVI. As I have stated elsewhere, I am not a geologist, but my guess is that Sandy Spit may also be a coral island as opposed to volcanic in origin. But then again, what do I know .. its entirely possible that I may be mistaken. Or, perhaps it was overlooked because the island is so small?

Provided sea conditions allow, snorkeling or scuba diving here is fabulous. There are a multitude of colourful corals and small reef fish close to shore. You can see the reef to the right hand side of the photo below. If the swells are up, snorkeling can be a little tricky, so please exercise caution.

Sandy_Spit_3 Sandy Spit taken from Land
Sandy_Spit_2 Aerial Shot of Sandy Spit

Linked to Green Cay by an underwater coral bridge, you can almost walk across given the right sea conditions, this is a fascinating and fun area to explore. If this isn't "the" quintessential "dessert island" of everyone's dreams, I don't know what is!

Sandy_Spit_1 Sandy Spit taken from the Water

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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