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Little Wickhams Cay in the British Virgin Islands

Little_Wickhams_Cay Little Wickhams Cay in the BVI
Located right in the heart of Road Harbour, Road Town, Little Wickhams Cay stands as a lonely sentinel, seemingly guarding the entrance to the "inner harbour".

This tiny oasis in an otherwise very busy harbour, is home to several nesting sea birds and is the sole entity within Road Harbour that remains in its "virgin" form. The little islet, (which is comprised of mangroves) is the only cay within Road Harbour that has not (yet) been lost to land reclamation projects that have taken place on and off, since the 1960's.

At one time, Little Wickhams Cay was a close neighbour of Bird Cay and Dead Horse Cay; two names most people haven't heard in a very long time and that many have never heard.

Dead Horse Cay, lay very close to shore at the extreme north west end of Road Harbour. A relatively small amount of backfilling was all that was required to swallow it whole, in order to incorporate it as a major part of the downtown business center. It was located due east of the main roundabout in Road Town.

For some strange reason, Bird Cay lost its identity entirely. It lies buried in history and beneath what is now referred to as Wickhams Cay II, which is part and parcel of Tortola these days. By my reckoning, and I stand to be corrected, the southern tip of Bird Cay is now part of the eastern breakwater at the entrance to Inner Harbour. Prior to this land reclamation project, the name Wickhams Cay II never existed.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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