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Little Camanoe Island in the British Virgin Islands

Little_Camanoe_Island Little Camanoe Island in the BVI
The island is relatively flat and enjoys a front row view of the airport and Long Bay Beach, Beef Island to the west, Great Camanoe to the south, Tortola to the east and Guana Island to the north east. In fact, the views from here are amazing no matter which way you look!

This little jewel is right in the thick of things, yet it seems to be one of the best kept secrets in the British Virgin Islands. For what reason, I have no idea.

Many years ago, I was just tooting around in a borrowed dinghy, on a very hot and sunny day. I decided the water looked too inviting to ignore any longer, so I decided to go for a snorkel.

If anchored in Lee Bay on Great Camanoe, bring the dinghy around to Little Camanoe. Latitude 18° 27' 40.92" N and longitude 64° 32' 37.23" W, puts you in at Tom Bagard Bay, seen in the foreground of the first photo.

I was not disappointed that I had brought my gear. Just around the point, to the south, I found a nice little dive site. I don't know if it's named or not ... it seems to be one of "nature's little secrets" the BVI Tourist Board is always touting.

The secrecy may be because authorities are trying to keep this a low traffic area. But it's a marvelous site, good for beginners and intermediate divers. If you do choose to dive or snorkel here, be aware that you are not "in" but are very close to the channel and keep an eye out for passing boat traffic. Just pick and choose your days wisely as this spot is prone to swells. If the swells are running, take a pass. On a nice calm day, it is a grand spot.

Little_Camanoe_Island_2 Little Camanoe Island with Airport in Foreground
Little_Camanoe_Island_1 Little Camanoe Island

There are two nice little beaches on the northwest and southwest tip of the island too. And you may want to jump in the water and have a look around to see what you can see. ;)

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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