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Carrot Rock in the British Virgin Islands

Carrot_Rock_1 Carrot Rock in the BVI
Located at latitude 18° 19' 29" N and longitude 64° 34' 11" W (at the southern tip), Carrot Rock lies east of Norman Island and south of Peter Island.

This small, 3.2 acre islet is home to the Carrot Rock Skink. A skink is a smooth, short legged lizard. Skinks kind of creep me out. They look a lot like snakes to me. I like most lizards, but skinks, and snakes ...not so much. Though the local tree boa doesn't bother me in the least. They are harmless and kind of cute.

It's hard to believe that anything at all lives on this very rugged island, let alone a little lizard that has not been found anywhere else in the world! Needless to say, it is a very special little creature simply by way of the size of its habitat. It should be treated as an endangered species, so please don't disturb them.

Despite the rainbow ending on top of Carrot Rock in the photo above, I doubt there is gold to be found here, but you never know! :)

There are no beaches to enjoy, but there's certainly good diving if you like sharks, huge tarpon and lots and lots of small, schooling bait fish.

Depending upon what the weather and sea conditions look like, this can be a really nice snorkel or dive site but anchoring can present a problem. This is not a good dive site for beginners or weak swimmers.

Carrot_Rock View of Carrot Rock
Carrot_Rock_2 Aerial View of Carrot Rock

If you have four or more people with you, you can anchor the boat in safer waters on the south side of Peter Island and take the dinghy around to Carrot Rock. Leave two people on the dinghy while the others snorkel or dive and then swap.

Carrot_Rock_3 Close-up of Carrot Rock

Due to strong currents, we usually drop divers in the water at the northeast point and work our way around (counterclockwise) to the western side of the island.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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