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Surfing - Tortola

There are a few places where surfing can be truly excellent on Tortola. From time to time, the elements converge in perfect harmony to produce ideal conditions. This was one of those picture perfect days in Cane Garden Bay. The sun was shining, the water was an ideal 80 degrees and there were no storms in sight, which is both welcome and unusual for this sport! However, the sun was in the wrong position to get decent photos from shore. Sorry!

The eastern point of Cane Garden Bay may look like an unlikely spot for really good surfing, but under the right circumstances, its one of the best spots in the British Virgin Islands.

To_Surfing_in_Tortola Surfing at Cane Garden Bay - Tortola
To_Surfing_Cane_Garden_Bay Surfing In Cane Garden Bay

Treacherous? Scary? Too darned close to shore for comfort? Yep, its all of that ... but for experienced surfers who know the terrain, it's the bees knees! :)

These guys come remarkably close to shore! The waves run along the eastern shoreline and you need to know how to pick the right waves. The point is certainly no place for beginners!

I have always admired those who surf well, but I've also wondered just how many close calls are averted due to athletic ability, incredible skill and quick reactions ... versus pure dumb luck. I'm not sure I want to know the answer!

To_Tortola_Surfing I would opt for traffic lights if I were out there. Yikes!
To_Surfing Surfing at Capoons Bay

Capoons Bay in front of Bomba's Shack, the east side of Cane Garden Bay and the eastern side of Josiah's Bay are the three main surfing spots on the island. There's also a little known spot the surfers call Lava Flow. The real name is Rogues Bay which is accessible by sea or land.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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