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Sunny Caribbee Spice Company - Road Town

To_Sunny_Caribbee_Spice_Company Sunny Caribbee Spice Company
For more than 30 years, Sunny Caribbee has been located on Main Street in the heart of Road Town and if looking for that perfect and affordable gift to take home to friends, family and neighbours ... this is the place.

They sell some of the best spice blends I have ever tasted and I have to admit to being in love with their mild curry blend in particular. The mango chutney is another of my favourites. It is simply fabulous!

All the packaging for their Caribbean herbs, spices, seasonings, condiments, sauces, chutneys, jams and jellies is so cute and attractive, that you'll want to keep them on display in your kitchen where they can be appreciated.

You have to really keep your eyes open when strolling through this store as there are little gems hidden in plain site that you can easily miss. So take your time and be sure to look up.

They have all kinds of Caribbean artwork, woodwork, pottery and metalwork scattered throughout the store as well as a small selection of Caribbean books. In season, you'll also find some gorgeous Caribbean Christmas ornaments that I think are adorable and will add a special difference to any Christmas tree!

To_Sunny_Caribbee_2 Sunny Caribbee Spices
To_Sunny_Caribbee_1 Sunny Caribbee Gifts

I am partial to the metalwork such as that displayed below. These items are made (mostly) in Haiti out of discarded steel drums. All are all hand painted. I have a bunch of them in my home.

To_Sunny_Caribbee_Magnets Sunny Caribbee Magnets
To_Sunny_Caribbee_Steel_Sculpture Palm Tree Sculpture

Unfortunately, water colour paintings do not last long in the Caribbean and I am not partial to oil paints. As a result, I have opted for several metalwork decorations and I think they are stunning. Some rooms are all the colourful bits and bobs while others are more refined and muted tones similar to the palm tree below.

I had to stand on my tip toes and hold the camera as high as I could over my head to get the palm tree shot above. As I said, be sure to look up or you are certain to miss seeing all the little treasures at Sunny Caribbee.

I should mention that although many items are very easy to carry with you, they have a catalogue online and you can place orders for shipment anywhere.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Closed Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day
Phone 494-2178 or visit their website