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Myett's Garden Grill Restaurant - Cane Garden Bay

When I first arrived in the British Virgin Islands, Myett's was the new kid on the block. In 1992, brothers Sandman and Kareem Rhymer were in the throws of establishing their new restaurant on the beach in Cane Garden Bay. Kareem's wife Valerie joined the management team a year later. There's been no stopping them ever since!

To_Myetts_Restaurant Myett's Garden Grill, Cane Garden Bay
To_Myetts_Restaurant_1 Seating Area at Myett's Garden Grill

Dine in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant offers great BBQ, freshly caught fish, grilled lobster in season (which is pretty darned good), wonderful cracked conch fritters and a very nice burger among other things. I like their nachos and quesadillas as well.

The restaurant has been developed within a natural garden and provides a wonderful backdrop to chill out and relax. Service on a busy night can take a while so bring your patience, get your orders in early, kick back and enjoy the music and with any luck, a spectacular sunset too.

To_Myetts_Garden_Grill Entrance to Myett's Garden Grill
To_Myetts_Bartender_Prince Bartender, Prince at Myett's

Prince has been bartending at Myett's for as long as I can remember. He's always quick with a smile, attentive, friendly and an all 'round nice guy. To fully appreciate what it means to enjoy one of Prince's creations while admiring the view, listening to some great music, people watching, having fun with friends and family ... you'll just have to come here and experience it for yourself!

Just behind the restaurant, off the parking lot, you'll discover Olivia's Corner Store. It's a lovely boutique with lots of great beachwear and giftware. Come browse around, perhaps you'll find that perfect gift to take home.

To_Myetts_Drink Myett's Drink
To_Myetts_Water_Club_On_Beach Myett's Water Club - Water Toy Rentals

If you peek out onto the beach right in front of the restaurant, you'll find Myett's Water Club where you can rent all kinds of water toys! I caught my friend Chris Ghiorse (below) hard at work on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The Restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
from 8:00 am until the last man standing decides to leave
Dinner from 6:30 to 10:00 pm

Call (284) 495-4554 or visit their website
This is a busy place. Reservations are highly recommended.