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Map of Tortola - British Virgin Islands

Road Town, is the business center of the Islands and home to the largest bareboat yacht charter fleet in the Caribbean. There are numerous harbours, several terrific anchorages, dive sites and several beautiful beaches as well as a plethora of beach bars to visit!


Moorings by Moor-Seacure:
26 - Soper's Hole (approx.)
15 - Cane Garden Bay
16 - Penn's Landing
5 - Harbour View - Fat Hog's Bay

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Origin of Name: Spanish for "Turtle Dove".
Location: Approximately 71 miles east of Fajardo, Puerto Rico.
Description: Volcanic island which is the largest of all the British Virgin Islands. Tortola is 12 miles long and 3 miles wide at the widest point with high hills, winding (steep) roads, many small villages and some truly wonderful beaches!

Road Town, Tortola is the capital of the BVI. Though the island is still quite sparsely populated, there has been a flurry of building activity in recent years and the main harbour in Road Town is undergoing a massive cruise ship pier expansion with a new pier park being built adjacent to the pier.
Population: 23,908 (estimate only)
Main Town or Village: Road Town
Maximum elevation: Mount Sage - 1,710' above sea level
Map Series E803 - BVI 2 - Tortola Edition 5
Land Mass: Approximately 21 square miles. The island is about 14.5 miles long (as the crow flies) from Steel Point to Hawks Nest and roughly 4.5 miles wide at the widest point from Rough Point to Slaney Point. Measurements taken from map noted above.
Main industry: Offshore Banking and tourism.
National Parks: J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens
Mount Sage
Mount Healthy
Shark Bay
Queen Elizabeth Park
Marinas offering overnight dockage: In Road Harbour:
  • H.R. Penn Marina - Phone: (284) 494-7959
  • Village Cay - Phone: (284) 494-2771

West of Road Harbour:
East of Road Harbour:
  • Hodge's Creek - Phone: (284) 494-5000
  • JY Harbour View Marine Centre - Phone: (284) 495-0165
  • Penn's Landing - Phone: (284) 495-1134

Last updated: Mar 23rd 2016
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