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Map of Cane Garden Bay - Tortola

Map_Cane_Garden_Bay Map of Cane Garden Bay
For those who like lots of action, people watching and great beaches ... Cane Garden Bay is the place for you! Don't let its appearance from the water fool you. Behind that picture perfect, beach lies a very busy little village! There are several restaurants and bars, some of which are visible from your boat and others, like Myett's, that are woven into the fabric of the lush seaside landscape.

Moorings Available - Maintained by Moor-Seacure:
(15) Rhymer's

Access to the beach is via the dinghy dock located beside Quito's Gazebo. This tiny community presents several attractions for visiting sailors including an excellent provisions store (Bobby's Market Place) located on the road directly behind Myett's restaurant and bar.

For the ladies, Lydia's boutique offers hair braiding and beading on the beach beside Tony's Bar! Perhaps you'd like to rent water toys available from either Cane Garden Bay Pleasure Boats & Water Sports or Baby Bull Watersports.

Visit any of the little gift boutiques dotted along the shore line where you may buy local arts and crafts, T-shirts, beach attire, etc. Of course, you may want to just relax, soak up the warm, Caribbean sun, go swimming and enjoy the views of this very popular beach.

Restaurants and Beach Bars

There are several restaurants restaurants and typical BVI beach bars which offer live entertainment in Cane Garden Bay at both Quito's Gazebo and Myett's. Quito's features local recording artist, Quito Rymer and The Edge. Other restaurants include Paradise Club which was previously known as The Big Banana, Rhymer's Beach Bar, The Elm & Tony's Welcome Bar ... previously known as Stanley's.

Accommodation in Cane Garden Bay

My personal favourite is the lovely Lighthouse Villas, owned and operated by Quito Rymer's very charming sister, Malcia. These Villas are a lovely combination of Mediterranean and Caribbean decor with all the modern conveniences, including internet access, air conditioning, etc.

Of course, for a taste of the past, you may wish to stay at the original CGB rum distillery, known as Quito's Ole Works Inn and bone up on your BVI history! Contact Valerie at Myett's Inn or, if your needs are more basic, try Rhymer's or Elm Beach Suites for very reasonable rates.

Last updated: Jan 28th 2016
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