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Elizabeth Beach - Tortola

Located in East End, opposite beautiful Guana Island, the Lambert Resort at Elizabeth Beach is a quiet and secluded hideaway providing spectacular views, a massive swimming pool with swim up bar, private villas and hotel suites. All of this, plus it's the largest beach on Tortola!

To_Elizabeth_Beach_1 Elizabeth Beach - Tortola
To_Elizabeth_Beach View of the Beach

Elizabeth Beach is without doubt, the widest on Tortola, providing sun worshipers plenty of room to stretch out, get a great tan and enjoy the beautiful views. However, the girth of the beach also presents one rather daunting problem. Getting from the shade of the tree line to the water can be a somewhat "warm" experience! Sandals don't cut it in the heat of the day and doing the 100 yard dash can be challenging in the sand. I recommend beach goers bring a pair of closed toe shoes unless you want to burn your feet. It's Hot!

To_Lambert_Beach_Resort_1 Lambert Resort at Elizabeth Beach
To_Lambert_Beach_Resort_Restaurant_2 Turtle Restaurant

If you're in the mood for a libation or a bight to eat, stop in at the Turtle Restaurant, situated at the edge of the beach.

Elizabeth Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Mostly sand with a sprinkling of coral near shore.
Swimming: Excellent during the right weather conditions.
Safe For Children: At times. Pick your days and keep your eyes on them.
Rip Current: Yes, often.
Snorkelling: Not bad. There are a couple of good spots.
Scuba Diving: No dive shops. Its shallow - go snorkelling!
Water Toys: For resort guests only.
Beach Chairs: For resort guests only.
Water Conditions: Varying. There is often a strong rip current here.
Bars & Restaurants: Yes. At Lambert Resort.
Entertainment: No.
Washroom: Yes, at the restaurant - for paying customers.
Provisioning: No.
Hotels & Villas: Several villas - part of the Resort.
Area Description: Sparsely residential. Very Quiet!
Access: By land. There is only a very tiny parking lot for anyone who isn't staying at the resort.