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Crafts Alive - Road Town, Tortola

To_Crafts_Alive_1 Crafts Alive - Road Town, Tortola
Located right in the heart of the business district, Crafts Alive is a vibrant little enclave of retail shops offering various and sundry items such as souvenirs, summer dresses, beach attire, beach bags, bathing suits, t-shirts, hats, hand made dolls, children's clothing, gift items, purses, tote bags original art and much more. You can also get an ice cold, fresh fruit smoothie that is absolutely yummy!

Rita is the charming owner of Rita's Gifts. She makes lovely dolls clothed in traditional dress, as a reminder to visitors that the British Virgin Islands are not only the sailing capital of the world ... but there exists a rich cultural history too!

This hard working lady (pictured below) is seldom idle. In addition to her dolls, Rita also makes some really unique seashell Christmas ornaments and of course a smaller version of her dolls in festive Christmas garb to hang on your tree.

There are several vendors offering hand made items to take home to the family. Naturally, there are hundreds of great t-shirts to choose from as well!

To_Crafts_Alive_Rita Rita - Craft's Alive
To_Crafts_Alive_Ritas_Shop Rita's Creations

On a hot day, Craft's Alive is a nice place to escape the heat in Road Town and enjoy the sea breeze under the shade of the trees, engage in some people watching, enjoy a light snack and a cold drink before doing more shopping!

To_Crafts_Alive_5 Craft's Alive
To_Joseph_Hodge_2 Joseph Hodge

If you're lucky, you may have the opportunity to meet Joseph Hodge (pictured above), one of our living legends. Mr. Hodge is an artist of note, born and raised on Tortola and his studio just happens to be located at Craft's Alive.

To_Crafts_Alive_4 One of the Many Stores at Craft's Alive