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Captain Mulligan's Sports Bar & Restaurant - Nanny Cay

I love to see young men from Tortola come up with an idea, put it into action and then work their butts off to make their dreams come true!

Such is the story of Randy George, who started with a very humble little drinks and snack stand (seen below) which stood alone ... in the middle of the field where his thriving sports bar and restaurant stands today.

To_Captain_Mulligans_Original_Bar Captain Mulligan's Original Bar in 2004
To_Captain_Mulligans_Sports_Bar_And_Restaurant Captain Mulligan's Sports Bar And Restaurant

The photo above was taken in 2004 just after he opened. In 2008, Mulligan's underwent a major expansion. The tiny road side stand has grown to include a full blown restaurant, mini golf course, kiddies play area, a 24' screen for watching major sporting events and has become a wonderful place for families and friends to hang out and have a good time.

The business is a family affair. Randy's wife Allison Roddyoversees the kitchen while Randy tends bar. Their children are often seen running around and playing with visitor's children and making them feel welcome.

To_Captain_Mulligans_Randy_George_And_Allison Randy George & Allison
To_Captain_Mulligans_Kiddies_Area Kiddies Area at Captain Mulligan's

They've provided a swing set, slide, a little fort with a ladder and climbing board. It's great and the kids have a blast.

You can see the 24' x 12' outdoor screen in the background of the photo below. There are often dozens of people watching various games here at night.

To_Captain_Mulligans_Miniature_Golf Captain Mulligan's Minature Golf
To_Captain_Mulligans_Restaurant_Sign Captain Mulligan's Restaurant Sign

Families love to play mini golf together and you'll often see Mom, Dad and the kids playing while they wait for their food.

I asked Allison if they planned to be open on February 23 for the 2014 Olympic Hockey finals in Sochi between Canada and Sweden. Initially, she wasn't sure because the game was set to start at about 6:30 in the morning.

Mulligan's pulled through for us and dozens of Canadians turned out to revel in our national game and ultimate 3-0 victory over Sweden.

To_Captain_Mulligans_Olympic_Hockey Captain Mulligan's Hockey
To_Captain_Mulligans_Sports_Bar Enjoying the Game

My friends brought their 5' long Canadian windsock and hung it below the TV. I got there early and managed to snag the big table up front for us all as there were 10 of us. Randy and Alison put on a wonderful breakfast spread and everyone, including several Swedes who attended, managed to have a great time.

Can you tell who the Canadians are in the bar photo above? No? They are the ones with both hands in the air as Canada scored another goal. It's a Canadian thing. :)

Randy and Allison love to cater to groups for birthday parties and other special events. They are great at hosting kiddie parties too.

They are well known for their burgers, wings, ribs and have added pizza to the list as well as several other offerings such as sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, hot dogs, chicken fingers and the like. During their "Free Up Friday" events, they offer free ribs during happy hour!

The Restaurant is open 7 days a week
for lunch and dinner from 11:00 am until ...
Happy Hour Friday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Call (284) 494-0602 or visit their website

Reservations are not required ...
but if you have a large group, it would be a good idea to call ahead.