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Cane Garden Bay Beach - Tortola

To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Beach Cane Garden Bay Beach - Tortola
That "son of a son of a sailor", Jimmy Buffet ... the old Parrot Head himself, became famous singing about boats, beaches, bars, women, life's disappointments and the little things which bring him joy. Not surprisingly, he (like so many of us) always seems to find joy in sailing the BVI!

Buffet immortalized Tortola in the lyrics of his song, "Manana": "I hear it gets better, that's what they say, as soon as we sail on to Cane Garden Bay".

For folks who, like Jimmy Buffet, truly appreciate sailing, great beaches, good restaurants, Caribbean entertainment and the ever popular beach bars, Cane Garden Bay is your one stop shop!

There is no question that this is one of the most popular beaches in the British Virgin Islands and the entire Caribbean! The anchorage is wonderful with a lovely, protected swimming area and a dinghy dock allowing easy beach access.

There's almost always something going on and you'll enjoy some terrific sunsets here too!

To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Anchorage Cane Garden Bay Anchorage from the Beach
To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Dinghy_Dock Dinghy Dock at Cane Garden Bay Beach

To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Sunset Sunset in Cane Garden Bay
To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Swing Tire Swing in Cane Garden Bay

Once upon a time, there were two tire swings in the bay. Sadly, one storm or another took them both out. Hopefully, someday there will be another. My niece (above) certainly enjoyed herself on the one that used to be at the west end of the beach.

To_Cane_Garden_Bay_Cruise_Ship_Day Cane Garden Bay Cruise Ship Day

Cautionary Note: Bareboaters may want to avoid Cane Garden Bay altogether on cruise ship days. Whenever the cruise ships are in port, hoards of people are taxied over to the beach and it becomes wall to wall people with beach chairs and umbrellas as far as the eye can see. They clear out around 2:30 or 3:00 pm ... and the bay returns to normal.

Cane Garden Bay Beach Overview

Bottom Type: Sand.
Swimming: Yes. Excellent!
Safe For Children: Yes. Under adult supervision of course!
Rip Current: No, not usually.
Snorkelling: Nothing much to see as there is a sand bottom.
Water Toys: Yes. Lots of choices but currently, no windsurfers.
Beach Chairs: Yes, and plenty to go around for everyone!
Water Conditions: Some wave action in the winter months. Usually calm otherwise.
Bars & Restaurants: A bunch!
Entertainment: Quito's Gazebo & Myett's - sometimes in the evenings.
Washroom: Yes. Public washroom beside Myett's Restaurant.
Provisioning: Yes. Bobby's Market Place and behind the pleasure boat rental.
Hotels & Villas: Yes. Several private villas and small Inns.
Area Description: Tourist based area with several villas, small hotels, private residences and a few attractions for tourists to enjoy.
Access: By land or sea. Nice anchorage if there are no north swells ... which are common in the winter months.