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J.R. O'Neal Botanic Garden - Road Town

To_Botanic_Garden_JR_ONeal_Fountain J.R. O'Neal Botanic Garden - Road Town
Gardeners, botanists, florists and those who just enjoy a stroll in the park, will certainly appreciate the J.R. O'Neal Botanic Garden in Road Town, Tortola.

Entrance to the garden is via the lovely "walk of Royal Palms" leading to a charming little fountain with several pathways veering of in different directions. You can visit the birds, the turtle pond or the miniature rain forest!

When I have a chance to get here, I like to go and walk around just to see what might be in bloom. I am particularly interested in orchids of all kinds and they have a nice collection.

For those planning to get married while visiting Tortola, there is a lovely yard, large enough to set up tents and chairs for several hundred guests. If an intimate wedding is more what you had in mind, the fountain is a beautiful spot at which to exchange your vows with just a few friends and family present!

A small entry fee is collected at the gate to help towards the cost of grounds maintenance and donations of any size are gratefully received!

The flowers, trees and shrubs are as diverse as any which can be found anywhere in the islands. All sorts of palms may be seen here, including all the indigenous species. And I was thrilled to see a small banyan tree here as there aren't that many left on the island.

To_Botanic_Garden_Walk_Of_Palms Walk Of Palms, Botanic Garden
To_Botanic_Garden_Banyan_Tree Small Banyan Tree - These become Massive!

I am not a cactus fan, but I must admit that the gardeners at the Botanic Garden have done a great job in displaying the variety available in the BVI. I just love the Banyan tree above! It has to be one of the more interesting trees in the world. They grow to an incredible size!

To_Botanic_Garden_Bird_Of_Paradise Bird of Paradise or "Strelitzia"
To_Botanic_Garden_Water_lily Botanic Garden Pond Lily

My favourite parts of the garden are the many and varied types of palms as well as the turtle pond rimmed with water lilies and the little rain forest waterfall.

To_Botanic_Garden_Turtle_Pond Turtle Pond
To_Botanic_Garden_Waterfall Jr O'Neal Botanic Garden Waterfall

Last updated: Jun 6th 2016
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