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Marina Cay in the British Virgin Islands

Marina_Cay_BVI Marina Cay in the British Virgin Islands
This tiny island is the subject of author Robb White's novel, "Two on the Isle". White and his wife Rodie bought Marina Cay in 1937 and proceeded to build their home perched atop the peak. An idyllic setting to be sure.

Through many struggles, they managed to complete their task ... which was no mean feat in those days. A set of unfortunate circumstances, World War II and an uncooperative BVI government brought their dream to a disappointing end.

Two on the Isle is a good read which I highly recommend for anyone who loves the British Virgin Islands or may be considering building a life here. Today, Robb & Rodie's original home serves as a reading lounge and book swap for Pusser's hotel & villa guests. I'm sure Robb White himself would have approved.

Charles Tobias founded the Pusser's West Indies Company on Main Street, Tortola in 1979. What started as a little 4 seater rum shop, quickly expanded to a chain of several restaurants and shops throughout the islands, offering clothing, cigars, gifts and rum cakes.

Mr. Tobias purchased Marina Cay sometime around 1990 or 1991 (if memory serves), and set about building a very small and intimate resort with yet another gift shop and Pusser's Restaurant on this charming, 8 acre island.

There are 30 mooring buoys available that are maintained by Moor-Seacure. Pay at the restaurant if staying overnight. If there is a north swell running, this anchorage can become very uncomfortable ... unless you like to rock and roll all night.

Marina_Cay_View-b Marina Cay
Pussers_Marina_Cay Pusser's Marina Cay

Due to their different characterisitcs, yachts will move about, pointing in various directions and sometimes dinghys may touch or bump each other as the moorings are a bit too close together. Check the weather forecast before picking up a buoy. If a north swell is in the cards, you may want to head to a different anchorage.

If nobody else has already grabbed it, there is a good spot (large enough for one boat) close to the restaurant where you can anchor and stay out of both the swell and the current which is pretty much a constant in this area.

For sailors visiting Marina Cay, stop in at Pusser's for lunch or dinner. Their large menu which includes seafood, Caribbean specialties as well as typical North American fare. You may also top up your fresh water and ice at the same time.

Marina_Cay View of Marina Cay
Marina_Cay_1 Alternate View of Marina Cay

Those looking for a quiet, land based vacation will find Pusser's villas and hotel rooms very accommodating. There's access to many off island services, sporting activities or day tours. A free ferry runs 8 or 9 times a day to and from Trellis Bay, Beef Island which means day trips to Tortola are quite easily accomplished. The ferry takes approximately 10 minutes. Ask the hotel staff for more information.

This is a lovely spot with plenty of tropical flowering plants to enjoy and a couple of great little beaches offering good snorkeling in the immediate area.

Phone (284) 340-5678 or visit their website here.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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