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Little Thatch Island in the British Virgin Islands

Little_Thatch_Island Little Thatch Island, British Virgin Islands
Sitting off the western tip of Frenchman's Cay, just a stone's throw from Tortola and opposite Great Thatch Island, lies the very lovely and privately owned, Little Thatch Island. It marks the entrance to the Thatch Island Cut at the mouth of Soper's Hole.

High atop the hill, facing west and overlooking the entrance to the Sir Francis Drake Channel is the owners home with several separate villas that once were hired out to celebrities such as Mick Jagger and his family and many other celebrities and well-to-do guests looking to get away from it all.

Currently, only the Sea Grape cottage (located on the beach) is available for rent. The quaint, West Indian cottage is absolutely adorable. If there are any newlyweds out there looking and if you choose not to charter a yacht ... this would be the place I would pick to spend my honeymoon!

Much may change in the future as the island was sold by John and Jill Maynard in December, 2014 to the owners of Otterbox, Curt and Nancy Richardson.

Word on the street is that they also intend to start a deep sea fishing business based out of Soper's Hole. It wouldn't surprise me if several more villas or a small hotel were to pop up on Little Thatch Island in the near future. Those deep sea fisherman will need somewhere nearby to stay before and after their fishing charters, and I'm sure many events related to the sport will take place on the island as well.

Little_Thatch_Island_1 Little Thatch Island Owners Residence Island
Little_Thatch_Island_2 Beach on Little Thatch Island

I also heard the Richardson's recently purchased an interest in the lovely Surf Song resort on Beef Island and The Sugar Mill on Tortola. More to come at a later date.

Little_Thatch_Island_Sea_Grape_Cottage Sea Grape Cottage, Little Thatch Island

Phone (284) 495-9227 or visit their website here.

Last updated: Jan 5th 2015
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