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B-Line Beach Bar - Little Jost Van Dyke

LJVD_B_Line_Beach_Bar B-Line Beach Bar - Little Jost Van Dyke
Quaker settlement, restaurant, would be tourist resort, would be fuel depot and would be brothel. When one delves into the recent history of Little Jost Van Dyke, and given all the possible scenarios of what might have been, it's really quite remarkable that the B-Line Beach bar exists today.

Despite all that has gone before, this unassuming little beach bar has won out over big business ... and that's a wonderful thing in my opinion because the B-Line is "the" quintessential beach bar of all time. Robinson Crusoe couldn't have done any better!

Beverly Martin, (who runs operations for Foxy's Bar and Restaurant on Jost Van Dyke) and her husband, bought the property adjacent to the beach in 1981. For thirty three years, they enjoyed the blissful solitude of their little island oasis.

Christina Washburn (aka Chris or Chrissie) and Bonkey Callwood (pronounced Bunkie) opened their brand new beach bar in January, 2014. Christina is Beverly's daughter and Bonkey is no relation to Foxy. They are from two different Callwood families.

The structure itself is a simple post and beam construction, with picket fence walls and a bar dressed in bamboo. Funky little home made bar stools have been painted in bright, Caribbean colours and being a true "beach bar" the flooring is of course sand.

LJVD_Christina_And_Bonkey Christina Washburn And Bonkey Callwood
LJVD_B_Line_Beach_Bar_2 Inside of the B-Line Beach Bar

Adjacent to the bar is a lovely outdoor limin' zone. Restaurant guests are welcome to hang out all day. Enjoy the food and drink, the beach, the view, the tunes, go snorkeling, swimming, play the sandbag game or just soak up some sun.

There's lots of room to spread out, and I'm sure if you have a special event coming up, Christine and Bonkey would be happy to accommodate you and your party. It's a very relaxing and laid back atmosphere.

LJVD_B_Line_Beach_Bar_3 Limin' zone
LJVD_B_Line_Beach_Bar_4 Outside View of the B-Line Beach Bar

On the grassy area behind the beach, you'll see a couple of bright yellow wooden things with a big hole in one end. It's a bean bag game and the object is to lob the bean bag into the hole. It's not as easy as you might think!

It's fun to while away the hours, as others play on the beach. I certainly enjoyed myself!

LJVD_B_Line_Bar_Game The Bean Bag Game
LJVD_B_Line_Bar_Jim_Kelley Jim Kelly at B-Line Beach Bar

Of late, every time I run into Jim Kelley (shown above), AKA "Island Jim", he is feeding his face in one restaurant or another. Don't be surprised if you recognize him at another eatery in Road Town. It's my take on Where's Waldo, BVI style.

Wimpy_Of_The_Caribbean Wimpy Of The Caribbean

There's a striking resemblance, don't you think!
Image credit - Chicago Tribune