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Soggy Dollar Bar - White Bay

Not so long ago, before dry bags were invented, there was no road to White Bay and no electricity on Jost Van Dyke. The only way for bareboat charter guests to get to the bar was to dinghy to the beach or swim from your yacht. And that kids is how the soggy dollar bar got its name. In fact, you will still find the line where the bartender hangs up soggy bills with clothes pegs in order to dry out the bills.

JVD_Soggy_Dollar_Bar Soggy Dollar Bar - White Bay
JVD_Rubin_Chinnery Rubin Chinnery

I have known Mickey, (your friendly bartender) for about 20 years. He was once my next door neighbour and he (like myself) is an avid gardener. He grows papayas, bananas, mangos and other local fruit. He's not only a very attentive bartender but he's a really nice man too!

Visitors will find the atmosphere at the bar is very laid back. Its a marvelous place to spend time and you'll find lots of bar games to amuse those who enjoy a challenge. One game I find particularly frustrating is the ring and hook game. I have seen people spend hours at a time mastering their technique!

Rubin Chinnery (pictured above) often plays his 12 string guitar at the Soggy Dollar and various other places around the BVI! His musical abilities are varied and most visitors are pleasantly surprised by his diverse selection of songs which includes pretty much anything.

JVD_Soggy_Dollar_Bar_1 View of Beach from the Soggy Dollar Bar
JVD_Hammock It really doesn't get much better than this!

The views from the restaurant are spectacular and its easy to understand why White Bay is so popular. Unfortunately, it is almost too popular at times, but it still holds a great attraction for just about everyone visiting the British Virgin Islands.

Despite the fact that the the Soggy Dollar can get very busy, there are still several places nearby where you can grab a little peaceful solitude.

Having said that, there's no telling who or what might stroll by, and no, it wasn't Halloween. In fact, the photo below was taken in early August ... so go figure. Lord it must have been hot inside that thing!

JVD_White_Bay_Horse Guy Wearing Horse Head
JVD_Soggy_Dollar_Trellis Trellis at the Soggy Dollar Bar

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