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Rudy's Suprette - Great Harbour

For as long as I have lived in the BVI, finding groceries on Jost Van Dyke has been tough. That's mainly because it's pretty difficult to provide a decent grocery store when there are only about 200 people living on the island full time. Rudy's has always had a small store ... but it was nothing like they have today.

JVD_Rudys_Isabella_George Isabella George, Rudy's Suprette
JVD_Rudys_Suprette_Fresh_Bread Rudy's Suprette Fresh Bread

Meet Isabella George (shown above), Randy's right hand. Isabella looks after the suprette with her able assistant Allina. If you call ahead, I am sure the ladies can tell you what is or isn't in stock and they might even put an order together to top up your provisions if they aren't too busy.

If you are dying for a nice cappuccino, espresso or hot chocolate, you now know where to find them! Perhaps you'd prefer a nice cold fruit smoothie or an ice tea? Help yourself! Maybe you need a nice cold Red Bull to give you that jolt in the morning?

JVD_Rudys_Suprette_Coffee_Drinks Rudy's Coffee & Drinks
Rudy's Suprette Pasta

Planning a pasta dinner? Look no further. You'll find everything you need here. Are your kids the type that think Kraft Dinner is yummy? No problem, they have that as well as cup of soup, Ramen noodles and other less sophisticated items.

But if you're looking for the good stuff ... they have that too! They have a very good beer and wine selection too.

JVD_Rudys_Suprette_Pasta_Etc Rudy's Suprette Pasta and Oil, etc.
JVD_Rudys_Suprette_Wine Rudy's Suprette Wine

These are just some of the products they have on hand. In season, you'll find fresh fruits and vegetables and Randy will be carrying some meats as well.

JVD_Rudys_Allina_Smith Rudys Suprette, Allina Smith

If you need assistance, don't be shy ... just ask Isabelle or Allina. They will be happy to help.

Contact Rudy's by phone at: (284) 495-9282 or 340-5771
or visit their website