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Ivan's Stress Free Bar - White Bay

JVD_Ivan_Chinnery Ivan Chinnery
It is impossible to mention White Bay without giving a nod to one of the original inhabitants, Ivan Chinnery. Ivan is an iconic figure on Jost Van Dyke. He's a medicine man, herbalist, and all 'round great guy. He's also the proud owner of Ivan's Stress Free Bar and Campground.

Shortly after a terrible flood in November, 2003, Ivan showed me some pictures of extensive water damage his property sustained. There was a massive hole in the beach right between the lovely big tamarind tree and the bar. When I commented that I supposed that day wasn't exactly "stress free", Ivan grinned broadly and said, "You got it sister, in fact ... stress was free that day!" Ivan is a peach. I just love the guy. :)

The flood of 2003 and the ravages of time took their toll on the famous beach bar that Kenny Chesney favoured. The floor and pilings had completely rotted out and in late July, 2014, he had the whole building torn down. He plans to rebuild and have the bar open sometime soon ... with any luck. I'll have new photos in the new year.

Currently, the restaurant is still standing and there's a little gazebo there too, so you can still get service. Happily, the shell man (photo below) has survived as well.

JVD_Ivans_Stress_Free_Bar_1 Ivan's Stress Free Bar
JVD_Ivans_Stress_Free_Bar_And_Restaurant Ivan's Stress Free Bar and Restaurant

The first photo below gives you an idea of what the beach at Ivan's looks like on a really busy day. This was taken on New Years Eve day. It is normally not this crowded.

The second picture below more closely resembles what you can usually expect to see any day of the week at Ivan's. It's a very laid back place and one of my personal favourites. Ivan himself is also a personal favourite! :)

JVD_Ivans_Stress_Free_Bar_Beach Busy Day at Ivan's
JVD_Ivans_Stress_Free_Bar A More Typical Day at Ivan's

JVD_Ivans_Shell_Man Ivan's Shell Man

Happy hour 4:00 to 6:00 pm - Open 9:00 am until ...
Phone: (284) 495-9358 or (340) 513-1095 or visit Ivan's website
They also monitor VHF Channel 16